Date: 24/10/2019

Fwd: Honor the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Victims - 1 Year Later

Hon'ble, invincible, Sikh Panth, (Please see the e-mail below from Israel).

Please note how the brave Israelis HONOUR the memory of 12 Jews killed in a hate-led attack in the synagogue in America one year ago.

Do we also commemorate the sacred memory of the ONE THOUSAND devotees, pilgrims and "yatris" who were attending the Gurpurb at Sri Harmandir Sahib but were gunned down by the INDIAN Army, acting as the MERCENARY army of the autocratic and arrogant Prime Minister MAIMUNA BEGUM (aka Indira Gandhi) in June 1984? Have we ever tried to find out as to why her mind was full of so much HATRED for the brave & patriotic Sikhs?
What a FARCE when every foreign dignitary, or head of state, is taken to see Jallianwala Bagh to point out the barbarity of the British while dishonestly HIDING the barbarity of the "Dynasty led" Government of (Partitioned) India that killed at least THREE TIMES the number of innocent people during the army attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib in June 1984! Will the Government of EAST Punjab erect a Memorial to their sacred memory that ought to be three times the size of Jallianwala Bagh Memorial?

If not, then why not?

A couple of MORE challenges are also waiting to be recognized and entered in the traditions of our glorious PANTH as follows:-

A suitable Memorial to the sacred memory of all those (hundreds of thousands) massacred, abducted, raped and forcibly converted, and FORCED OUT of their homes during "PARTITION" of India in 1947. They were our kith and kin. They were our ancestors!

Declaration of August 15, the day of ignominious crushing defeat of the confused and cowardly Hindu nation, the MAJORITY community, that was (mis)led by Gandhi and Nehru, and the day of UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of India to the "All-India Muslim League" of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, as "BLACK DAY" for the Sikh community when we were forced to leave our lands and homes in WEST Punjab, and the border of India fell from KHYBER PASS down to WAGAH!

A tall statue, taller than the one of Sardar Patel in Gujerat, ought to be erected in EAST Punjab, of Gen Hari Singh Nalwa* who defeated the Afghans and captured KHYBER PASS while Mr. Patel could not defend even Khyber Pass, leave aside Lahore, Sri Nankana Sahib and Chittagong in 1947!

Let us make sure that the heroic deeds of our brave ancestors are not consigned to oblivion by any sarkar- provincial or central.

We wonder who in our glorious Sikh community will dare to implement these expectations.

24 October 2019

* www.narrativepak.com/the-passage-of-conquerors-khyber-pass
(“Every stone in the Khyber has been soaked in blood” Finally, Sikhs under Ranjit Singh, in 1798 captured the Khyber Pass. Hari Singh Nalwa, who manned the Khyber Pass for years became a household name in Afghanistan.)
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