Date: 24/10/2019

Pakistan was a bad idea. Why?? Mainly because silly Pakistan is an "Islamic Republic." & Islamic Republics are hated around the world, specially in the Western world. & if you're an Islamic Republic, you are hated in the West, & become an enemy of the Western "way of life" and civilization automatically.

Hundreds of young men and women, including minor girls in Europe rushed to Syria to join the murderous ISLAMIC STATE for the "fun" of beheading the Non Muslims, including charity and welfare workers.

For the last over 70 years "Pakistan cannot even govern itself efficiently." Nothing but mis-management & corruption & self-created MISERY. And plenty of street violence, day light robbery, murders and killings, abduction and rape - each and every day.

A Pakistani Speciality:
Like Prohibition, it is to destroy it's own economy. Arab Islam-cray (sic) Pakistani instead of making it's economy strong, destroy their own economy by "Economy killing ..........too much Arab Islam."

If you want to destroy any country; simply add; "Islamic Republic" to their names.

There is peace in the Hindu world, Buddhist world and, of course, in the CHRISTIAN world but there is VIOLENCE, fighting, insecurity, rape, hunger and STARVATION in the ISLAMIC world. Hardly any tourist would wish to spend two nights in an ISLAMIC republic. Millions of MUSLIMS are fleeing their Islamic republics and prefer to live in the civilized and safe CHRISTIAN world. Yet back home they have DESTROYED Christianity almost 100 per cent!

Islamic countries resemble the wild and lawless Arabia of 7th century AD, especially the so-called "RIYASAT-I-MADINA", with regard to law & order, public morals and the safety of females, even minor girls as in England during the past decade when Muslim predators, mostly Pakistani, seduced and raped over 1400 school girls.

The other example is the abduction and rape of SCHOOLGIRLS in Nigeria. And what about the treatment of YAZIDI women and girls in 2015?

Quite an insight into the world of ISLAM!