Date: 24/10/2019

By the way, today is the anniversary of the PAKISTANI raiders, invaders, predators, sex maniacs, violating the international border and INVADING Kashmir. Along the way they did not spare a single Hindu (and Sikh) his LIFE and DAUGHTER.

Traitor NEHRU'S military response was after much hesitation & dithering (when the raiders were only 12 miles from Srinagar!) but also treacherous when he ordered our own gallant advancing troops to STOP FIRING in order to let the ENEMY keep North Kashmir.

That "cease-fire line" appears to be a PERMANENT gift of Nehru to ISLAM within weeks of that diabolical “partition” (unconditional surrender of one third of India).

So how is it that Bharat still honours NEHRU- and GANDHI, too, in more than a hundred ways? Is it on account of their tacit support to Pakistan by offering the "least" (token) resistance?*

best regards
24 Oct 2019
* Much credit is given to MK Gandhi for disapproving of Partition. It reminds one of the helpless girl being violently raped till she bled to death but still given credit for her whispering all the time, "main na maanoon gi!" (I do not accept being raped).

Bapu Gandhi could have ROARED like a lion, "Mr Jinnah, I will see you hanged for this High Treason!"
He (Gandhi) could have, should have, ought to have, but HE DIDN'T.