Date: 02/11/2019

Dear Sikh Sangat,

Up to now the pilgrims went to holy sites in Pakistan in small groups or as individuals. Now for the first time Sikhs will be travelling to the ISLAMIC republic in their thousands. Hence it is necessary to establish a Code of Conduct for the large Sikh groups so that pilgrimage remains a pleasant experience.

SGPC and the Ministry of External Affairs of (PARTITIONED) India were supposed to have given some thought to the SECURITY of the Sikh pilgrims. Friction can arise if martial arts of the Sikhs are displayed in public in Pakistan. That can irritate or even provoke some radical group like Al Qaida or Taliban who may feel threatened and then kill the pilgrims. This is the other side of the coin of bon homie and "sadbhavana" being shown by people and government of Pakistan under Mr Imran Khan. The Sikhs ought to recall our fate in West Punjab in 1947 when the same "dharti" became the "killing ground" for the Sikhs and Hindus. We should KNOW the history, right from the Mogul times up to now, and ought to be more aware & conscious of reality and be cautions and circumspect.

Given wisdom the pilgrimage will be resounding success.

Two more aspects are impotant:

1. Pakistan itself is in a serious crisis right now with the tolerant and friendly government under Imran Khan standing up to the renewed frenzy of Islamic fundamentalism under a religious fanatic (Maulana Fazal ur Rahman) who has formed opportunistic alliance with Muslim League and People's Party in order to OUST Mr Khan and re-introduce Sharia Law with renewed vigour. The coming days are crucial for Pakistan and only the blessings of Guru Nanak Dev ji can bring peace to the turbulent troubled Muslim nation in Pakistan.

2. The pilgrims are going to show their devotion and love of the First Sikh Guru, NOT THE LAST (the Tenth)! This is important to realize. The pilgrims should be in reflective devotional mood and very peaceful. No martial arts display or "gatka" contests, please. All that kind of martial culture came with the Sixth Guru and perfected much later in the time of our Tenth Master.

Guru Nanak Dev was a man of peace, holy sadhu or saint. He preached non violence and universal love. His long international journeys are known as "udaasiyaan".

Appeal to the Sikh sangat: Please go in humility with hearts full of reverence and devotion. Sing the "shabads" that remind us of the unity of mankind and the need for peace. Peace is what the Pakistani nation desperately needs right now for itself, too. And there is none better than Guru Nanak Dev ji to fulfil that need in Pakistan itself while we notice the followers of Mohammed, led by a fundamentalist Maulana baying for Imran Khan's "head"!

Dear SGPC and External Affairs Ministry of Bharat, Please prepare guidelines for the pilgrims (mainly SIKH) proceeding to Pakistan, and give a copy to each & everyone who crosses the border to visit historic Gurdwaras that we were forced to leave behind when Bapoo Gandhi's "Akhand Bharat" was blasted out of existence by the Indian Muslims in 1947.

Thank you.

2 Nov 2019