Date: 05/11/2019

The enormous rise of Islam in the West is mainly due to the great contribution of Mrs Angela MERKEL.

She had an open door policy for the so called but thankless refugees and even set up "Welcome" camps to facilitate their smooth settlement and thus sowed the seeds of destruction of Western Culture and polity.

She was so blind in selfish material gains of having cheap labour for her factories and obsessed with falling indigenous populations.

Even at the start of theoir migration to Germany, they paid back handsomely and substantially for the hospitalities that they started molesting and raping German Women. Muslims know how to chop the hands that feed them. Yet this woman tolerated all this.

People say the the West is intelligible, farsighted and equipped with farsightedness!

What a joke!
Author's comment:
In the United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair, too, tried to change the demography by letting in THOUSANDS of MUSLIM migrants who were waiting in France to rush into Britain. Mr Blair has gone but his legacy is working silently to do what they did to United India in 1947.