Date: 05/11/2019


What tops it all and is most dangerous is that we still allow "Polygamy for Muslims only", after 72 years of the devastating PARTITION, which almost all civilized world has banned. It gives Muslims living in PARTITIONED India ready-made opportunity to expand as God has made one man to one woman.

Either they marry Hindu girls and children become Muslim or even if they marry FOUR Muslim girls, they create an artificial shortage of Muslim women, 3 Muslim boys do not find Muslim women, they "hunt" Hindu and other Non Muslim girls with the same result.

Either we are morons or have no morale left after centuries of rule, or no unity and no real care or passion for Hinduism or for our Hindu ladies, or we have too much love for money only, a combination or something else, there is something wrong with Hindus, which I cannot figure out.

Looks like Ayodhya Verdict will be in Hindus' favor and that is great. The whole of nation would be like being on the moon and that is great.

Now let us look at things in perspective. Estimates vary but Muslims destroyed 30,000 to 60,000 Hindu temples during their occupation of India, often building mosques over them. Pakistan has destroyed most of the Hindu temples in Pakistan and the rest are in destitute state of repairs.

We have been fighting for most important temple destroyed at the birthplace of our most revered Ram Chander Ji in courts since 1883, at the end of 136 years, we are seeing a ray of hope.

While this is a reason for great happiness, it also shows how low our expectations and morale are. Now Muslims will fight with renewed energy against the other 9 other Great temples including one in Varanasi that were destroyed by the Muslims and were in BJP manifesto to rebuild.

Our scared courts will agree too. Asking politely to rebuild 10 out of 30000-60000 destroyed temples and with due respect moving the often unused mosques a small distance, is a very humble request.

Malaysians do it every day even without any one destroying their mosques, whenever they want to build a mosque somewhere and there is a Temple or Church there, they order it to be moved.