Date: 05/11/2019

To day Yazdis and others in Iraq are suffering , Hindus of India have suffered several times worse during Khilafat which was to restore Califate in Turkey abolished by victors, British after Ist world war.

Appreciate greatly Sri Gokul Das forwarding the video explaining to us about Khilafat movement, the first mass movement Gandhi staged, participated after landing in India from South Africa after a detour to London in 1914. Gullible people of India came to believe that Khilafat was meant to restore freedom for India from British . Nothing can be further from truth. Instead even though many Hindus believing Gandhi supported Ali brothers heading the khilafat , they were worst victims. In Malabar and Sind , more forcible conversions took place than during Aurangazeb time in those regions.

You please see the link and listen a revealing account of Khilafat , and its atrocities and horror on Hindus of India , which were all suppressed all these years .

Remember Bengal, divided in 1905. People rose in revolt , British rescinded that partition in 1911. Not only that capital of British was shifted to Delhi from Calcutta. Gandhi was not in India and for that positive outcome, people of India and their leadership which included Ravindranath Tagore were responsible.

Gandhi arrived or brought to India 1914. Khilafat might have failed to restore Califate despite Gandhi's support. But Khilafat got transformed into even worse movement- partition of India. The savagery of Khilafat went on in partitioned India, as a result from 1947 to present more than 40 million Hindus got eliminated in E Pakistan, E Bengal that was. In W Pakistan another 20 million disappeared.

Again please see and listen to video, answer to yourself whether the Moplahs are 'heroes' as Gandhi called them and whether Gandhi , and Gandhian Congress brought freedom or partition to India ?