Date: 07/11/2019

The difference between Hindu community and the other two (Muslims and Sikhs) is this:

One billion "hijda" ("eunuch") Hindus collapsed like house of cards when West Punjab and East Bengal was surrendered UNCONDITIONALLY to the indigenous Muslims led by Mr Jinnah, without any regard for the Sikhs' autonomy.

Hindus have NO love lost for their holiest temples that still remain demolished. And there is neither courage nor conviction to liberate their holiest Temple in Ayodhya. They are sheepishly waiting for the verdict of the Supreme Court on its legitimacy!

Sikhs and Muslims will instantly SACRIFICE THEIR LIVES for the honour and dignity of gurdwaras and mosques respectively.

INDIAN Muslims are now sovereign in their Pakistan. But the Sikhs are trapped in bogus Secularism of the devious Hindus. Sikhs dream of FREE & UNHINDERED ACCESS to all gurdwaras. Thus it is only to be expected that the Sikhs will turn out in their THOUSANDS to visit the important Gurdwaras like Sri Nankana Sahib, Kartarpur and Panja Sahib when they get the opportunity.

Those HINDUS, including Government of India (Bharat Sarkar), who do not like the Sikhs travelling to Pakistan to visit their gurdwaras, should PROFUSELY ABUSE GANDHI AND NEHRU first, both top leaders of India in 1947, who willingly SURRENDERED these locations as well as LAHORE.

It beats logic that the rulers of Bharat and many Hindus still "lick" Nehru and Gandhi while showing displeasure over the Sikhs going to Pakistan to visit their holy gurdwaras.

What should the Sikhs do now? THEY SHOULD DEFY THE "DEVILS" who are trying to put obstacles in the way of Sikhs going to gurdwaras in Pakistan. Everyday in "Ardaas" the Sikhs ALLOVER THE WORLD repeat this sentence, "O Waheguru, grant us free and unhindered access to our holy gurdwaras that were surrendered by Gandhi and Nehru in 1947." There is NO such aspiration expressed by Hindu congregations in any temple on earth!

And government of India needs to do INTROSPECTION urgently-

1. Why was the Indian Army (used as despicable "mercenaries" in 1984) ordered to attack Sri Harmandir Sahib in 1984 when they were supposed to liberate NORTH Kashmir? It was more to hurt the pride of the Sikhs WORLDWIDE than just arrest a simple, honest and upright social reformer called Bhindranwale. He will always be respected by ALL the Sikhs while every good citizen will abuse MAIMUNA BEGUM (real name of Indira "Gandhi" after her nikah with Feroze KHAN of Allahabad!) who mischievously and maliciously destroyed Sri Akal Takht Sahib besides killing hundreds of INNOCENT devotees attending the Gurpurb of martyrdom of Guru Arjun Devji.

2. Why did Government of India not stop the SIKH GENOCIDE in DELHI (November 1 till 3, 1984) for over THREE DAYS? In Truth and Reality the entire Government of India at the time ought to be HANGED TO DEATH, not just Sajjan Kumar and a couple of more criminals! It was COLLECTIVE responsibility of the Government of India to ensure the safety of each and every Sikh boy, man, girl or woman.

Where is JUSTICE on earth if the Sikhs cannot INDICT the entire Government of India, especially the HOME Minister and the DEFENCE Minister who were more loyal to BOFORS CHOR (Rajiv "Gandhi") and his arrogant autocratic "Hindu-bashing/Sikh killer" EVIL mother?

We expect the Sikhs to warmly RESPOND to the goodwill shown by Mr Imran Khan, a true PATHAN, who has extended his hand of friendship towards the Sikhs. On the other hand we have YET to see the hand of Government of India with regard to the dignity of the Sikhs. When will they investigate each and every "FAKE" encounter (1980's, 1990's) that killed thousands of Sikh youths who deserved good EDUCATION & jobs? When will they admit that only cowards have two faces, that is, Accept Pakistan but get "incendiary" (catch fire on back) on hearing "Khalistan"?

Wheel of Destiny is turning, though slowly and imperceptibly, to PUNISH the "Government" of India for their deviousness and duplicity, and anti Sikh stance and actions since 1947.