Date: 20/11/2019

Dear all,

There seems to be a deep rooted conspiracy to destroy Hindu dharma on its soil and then replace it with Western libertine liberalism. Hindus are totally powerless not to have cognizance of "Kafir Killer" Islam among them after Partition. Unconditional surrender of FIVE provinces, half the size of Europe, seems to be a NON EVENT. It's never recalled, never commemorated, never even mentioned.

The brainless UNCONSCIOUS lot can raise the tallest statue of Sardar Patel who played minimal role during Partition talks, but there is not a pillar or post erected anywhere to commemorate the sacred memory of MILLIONS who perished in 1947 due to betrayal of LAND & PEOPLE by Gandhi and Nehru- and Mohammed Ali JINNAH. There is no thought anywhere of "trying" them for High Treason and the unconditional territorial surrenders that led to large scale massacres and migration.

Centuries of slavery had "reduced" Hindu masses to extremes of servility and ignorance. In the eyes of Nehru, even Gandhi, we (Hindu MASSES) were like the cattle.

We, the PEOPLE of Bharat, were neither consulted on "PARTITION" nor on the post-Partition Constitution that does not mention PARTITION nor defines the constitutional status of MUSLIMS in view of Partition!

All the members of Lok Sabha are behaving like morons. We have become a very INFERIOR human race with NO clue to Partition or Constitution. Whoever enters the Chamber (Lok Sabha) loses his independence and vision. The magnitude of adversity is so great that we seem to be trying to put out the fires of appeasement and surrenders with cupfuls of water.

The modern day Columbus, Sonia Maino Gandhi, is considered "rashtramata" by some fools and "desh ki bahu" by other idiots. Hence none recalls the dowry she brought from Italy and then shout, "QUIT INDIA, leaving your illicit wealth behind!"

20 Nov 2019