Date: 20/11/2019

Thank you for very good convincing reasons about Nehru who can rightly, and with full justification, be described as "TRAITOR OF MILLENNIUM!".

You may also mention his High Treason when he stopped our advancing troops to let Pakistan KEEP NORTH KASHMIR. What a CALAMITY he created out of nothing. And then who is man enough in the "Land of Dwarfs" to DEMAND TO KNOW as to why he conceded Article 370 to ONLY ONE STATE, overlooking East Punjab and West Bengal?

Also his daughter was equally treacherous and autocratic. First and foremost she dumped her native Faith, demoralising all the proud Hindus (Did they notice the INSULT?), and converted to ISLAM. In that "coolie colony" the entire media still call her "Indira Gandhi"! How easy it is to deceive the naïve Hindus! Should we not INSIST on using her post-nikah name "MAIMUNA BEGUM"? And when did the "coolie" media of Partitioned India tell us the names of Feroze Khan's parents, cousins, uncles and aunts to see whether they were all PARSI, SECULAR or MOHAMMEDAN?

Why did she not capture a bit of North Kashmir after she captured the whole of EAST Pakistan in 1972? The reason is most obvious: It was not a good idea to bring North Kashmir AND East Bengal back to Bharat because, as she thought, "SECULARISM IS ONLY FOR HER HINDU SERVANTS & SLAVES, not for Muslims!" And Hindu SERVANTS & SLAVES are in plenty who never mention "PARTITION", never even dream of undoing the Himalayan Blunder (HIGH TREASOJN) called "Partition", never question that treacherous "cease-fire" and never question the "HINDU BASHING" Constitution!

Yes, Hindus are still a suppressed and scared lot, a sub specie of humans. Those notorious scamsters are still SCOT FREE including the "rashtramata", the ITALIAN born "uncrowned queen of Hindusthan", the BOFOR CHOR'S gift to the Hindu nation, the insult to Bharat's native HINDU womanhood. But who cares for the DIGNITY of women when even the MEN do NOT have it.

Any idea why all the numerous SCAMS have been forgotten or covered up? A brave government would have recovered TRILLIONS of rupees, including the BOFORS commission within days. The official policy seems to be "LET THE SLEEPING DOGS LIE!" What a shame to think of the masses as "dogs". And what a FURTHER pity that these "dogs" refuse to become "tigers" despite Shivaji, and "lions" despite Guru Gobind Singhji? The question is, "Who are we waiting for to wake up the sleeping dogs in Partitioned India?"

We cannot compare ourselves to the GERMANS or the AMERICANS, EVEN ITALIANS where a "leader" like Nehru would have been SHOT DEAD when he announced, "India's old frontier was at Khyber Pass. But I approve of her new frontier at Wagah!" And these servants and slaves do not INSIST on "population exchange" even after seeing the fate of Hindus in West and East Pakistan! Are there any Hindus left alive there? Islamic ethnic cleansing of Hindus within weeks of the inauspicious birth of Pakistan was complete like that of the YAZIDI community in Syria in 2015.

The INCORRIGIBLE Hindus are stuck and fixed with the idea of Nehru and Maimuna Begum being patriotic. So is Sonia Maino Gandhi, the modern day COLUMBUS who is further decomposing Bharat that does not even have a CONSTITUTION to stop the further ideological, political and social rot from spreading like cancer in PARTITIONED India.

By the way it has also become IMPOSSIBLE to convince these DIEHARD admirers of NEHRU and his DYNASTY that India is a FRAGMENT, NOT THE WHOLE- thanks to Nehru NOT LIFTING A FINGER to get LAHORE allotted to Bharat in 1947.

21 Nov2019

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Good Luck with your illogical assertions.

His pragmatism could be visualised at his blunders during the partition of the country.

He was least interested in the Radcliffe Boundray Plans,
whereas Jinna was analysing the changed map very
carefully. Nehru had no clues about the NWFP, under
Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, where as Jinna was dying to
grab it. Nehru well rewarded the Khan Badshah for
his continued loyalties to Congress.

When Lahore was being considered; there was a possibility
that it may accede to India, but Nehru uttered a few cities this
side or the others will not matter. Look at what Vir Yagya Datt Sharma has said.
Also look at Durga Das, Jamna Das and Even Kuldip Nayyar and others statements.
His pragmatiism is rubbish, when he made a silly statement that "Pakistan could not and
will not" last long. He underestimated the SHATIR enemy. He was indifferent when Kapurthala, Gurdaspur
were about to go to Pakistan.

His pragmatism made him to make silly comment about our encroached land by China that Not A Single Blade of Grass
grows there. You often say that he played a low profile, about China's attack on us, but he could become animated
at Colombo when he declared that "Our Armed Personnel have been authorised to take action as and when appropriate.

He was a clueless soul, uch more interested in the Mountbattens, particularly Edwina.

It was Luis Mountbatten, to whom he made Governor General, (Pakistan did not) and this Mountbatten created
fear in Nehru that even if you pass through a princely state it would be breach of international Law. I nmeed not comment again on his stupidities in Kashmir.

Incidentally, it was Nehru who approved the foolish idea of Indian enclaves in East Pakistan and Pakistani enclaves in
India, which Narinder Modi has recently sorted out.
Please do give up unnecessary DURAHGRITTA now.