India is floating rudderless in the Ocean with despair

Date: 21/11/2019

Actually, Indian Education System has no mai-baap (left like orphans) and many;.by opening colleges and universities without standardization – are fleecing money from guardians/parents of students.

The educational system has become a racket where the netas have opened the purse of the banks – made loans available and then charge hefty fees from the students. After graduating – they cannot find jobs therefore cannot payback – thus end losers are students, banks, and parents.

Why there are no jobs? They have allowed free trade – importing heavily – high tech based products where the countries like India are at disadvantage – technology is not far advanced. In other words – it is a case of survival of the fittest.

All India can do is to export raw materials (coal, minerals, handicrafts etc.) at throwaway prices and compete with Bangladesh, southeast Asian countries, African countries.

India has plenty of solar energy yet it imports about 86% of its energy needs in form of petroleum – God only knows – cash is being made in purchasing or not just like defence equipment.

In a nutshell – India is floating rudderless in the Ocean with despair.