Date: 21/11/2019

REAL SHAME. Even the Marathas have SHED Hindu Faith to please atheist pro Islam Congress. They were expected to declare, "We are proud Hindus, not Nehru's secular "dogs" after Partition.**

(** We were ALL secular during the British Raj when India's frontier stood at Khyber Pass. But Partition woke us up from the 'sleep of slavery' when Jinnah suddenly raised the flag of ISLAM and kissed VICTORY, throwing us in the "dust" of defeat on account of the unconditional surrender of Lahore.)

One more NAIL IN THE COFFIN of Bharat Mata. One more nail in the coffin of new Constitution for HINDU Rashtra.

The IGNORANT Hindu "jackals" cannot even be inspired by PAKISTAN that was born due to Hindus' lack of guts and courage and our "Secularism".

Indian Muslims rode the Ship called "ISLAM" to victory while the Hindus scuttled their boat painted with the words "Hindu Dharma" on ONE side and "Akhand Bharat" on the OTHER side. Two million Hindus DROWNED in deep waters while some 15 million could escape alive.

The followers of Mohammed of Mecca celebrated their victory in Lahore and Dhaka while the crest fallen defeated followers of Sri Krishna and "Mahatma" Gandhi had to "eat dust" in Lahore, North Kashmir, Sylhet and East Bengal though calling themselves "MAJORITY COMMUNITY"!

We expected SHIV SENA to call for the "heads" of NEHRU & GANDHI for agreeing to the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of FIVE provinces of India to fundamentalist ISLAM in 1947 without INSISTING on "population transfer"!
We expected SHIV SENA to demand dissolution of Congress Party, the TREACHEROUS "Party of Partition", instead of joining their ranks and boosting their image (while LOWERING their own) among the IGNORANT Hindu masses.

The sight of Shiv Sena leaders "touching the feet" of Sonia Maino Gandhi will be most disgusting and very bad for the morale of the already demoralised Hindus and their children and grandchildren. Can anyone say now, "The future of Hindus in Hindusthan is bright!"?

Can anyone now stop the ROT set in Hindu ranks since 712 AD?

22 Nov 19

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From: Kumar Arun
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Subject: There Goes "The Hindu Unity" In The Gutter

Now a well recognized Hindu leader and their millions of supporters, followers of Shiv Sean, have to identify themselves as "secular"! Shame!!

Shiv Sena ready to become 'secular' to seal Maharashtra deal with NCP, Congress
"India's Preamble has the word 'secular'. Shiv Sena follows the Constitution. All the farmers and the common people should be given help irrespective of their religion. Shivaji Maharaj made his kingdom by taking all communities together," Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said at a press conference.