Date: 23/11/2019

Thank you for your esteemed comment.

The positive side can be revision (re-writing) of history books, teaching facts about Islam and the Muslim occupation and retardation of Hindusthan, and above all, partition. Why was it conceded without plebiscite and population exchange?

Then we need to appeal to the Hindu leaders to do two things; CREATE UNITY and create a balance between Shakti and Bhakti in Bharat.

Finally, the nation should stick to AKHAND BHARAT- generation after generation till the goal is achieved.

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24 Nov 19

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Your below email spreads negativity in subtle way.
I suggest please always recommend a solution when you describe a problem or a doubt.

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Since India is a peace loving non violent country she continuously INVITED foreign invaders. Some of those invaders assimilated with the natives and are impossible to tell today. The others, with the indoctrination & traits of tigers and wolves found it IRRESISTIBLE to invade the land of peace loving gentle folk (in THEIR eyes "sheep and goats"!) again and again, keeping their identity distinctly separate (Muslims and Europeans).

The question is, "How is it that despite all that humiliation and slavery over a thousand years, the native HINDUS did not learn any lesson nor implemented any findings to ensure the defence of India's lands & frontiers?"

They say, "Saanp ka kaaTa rassi se bhi darta hai!" But we had ONE THIRD of India snatched away and still no one mentions "Partition"!

So, what is the reason of this attitude that "Nothing happened in 1947 that is worth talking about, and it is best to forget the two million Hindus slaughtered in that year since it is "history" now?"

Having said this, many of us, who managed to escape the "killing grounds" of Sindh, West Punjab and East Bengal, are resigned to our fate & future. But one sentence comes up in our minds- again and again, "Bakray ki maan kab tak Khair manaa-i-gi?" This translates to, "After Lahore how long will Delhi postpone the inevitable?"

It is extremely likely that the unaware and unprepared natives (Hindus) will again walk into the next major calamity in total ignorance, unaware of the previous calamity of 1947.

Does the REPEAT of 712, 1192 and 1947 AD lie in the future?

23 Nov 2019.