Date: 25/11/2019

Dear friends, This has been a long debate with no meaning, only trying to blame each other and various communities to be cowards. I totally disagree with all this chat. Truth lies in studying history in its correct context.

When Islam sprang out of the wilderness of Arabia as a brainchild of one man, who followed the example of Christians and started a religion with very strict conditions for them as the Arabian tribes were lawless and accepted no authority other than the tribal head.

He imposed draconian laws and formed them into gangs to raid others who were better off than them. The sword of Islam spread havoc in Asia minor and North Africa. Its sword and atrocities accompanying them became so severe that people were forced to not accept but forcibly converted. The great Egyptian, Messopotanium and Persian civilisations fell like nine pins in one generation, besides areas of Europe including Spain.

Islam met the great Indian civilisation and it took them many centuries to convert part of Hindustan, failing completely in making it one Islamic country- Darul Islam. The Hindu and other Indic religions fought them tooth and nail. Hindu is tolerant and not a fanatic like they made the convertees.

Hindu is very strong in its beliefs, though accepting others right to believe his. I look at Hindu villages in the very centre of Delhi, right next to Chandni chowk. I am sure it was not the generosity of the Muslim rulers that they accepted these Hindu settlements right next to their palaces. It was the tenacity of these people who refused to convert. As seen in the villages, convertees are mostly low caste that perhaps found Hindu system suffocating. Some Others from the higher castes were lured due to favours or money. The example of Sikh Gurus who were beheaded and whose sons were put in walls alive. Yet they did not deviate from their religion. They were Hindus before Guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaj, or Guru Govind Singh ji.

Islam went beyond India to South East Asian countries, but could never convert Majority of India, it remaining an island not falling prey to The so called Award of Islam, however hard it tries.

So I totally disagree with this theory of cowardice of Hindus. It is just that they are tolerant and do not wish to impose their beliefs on others. This must not be taken as cowardice. Perhaps Gandhiji's peaceful agitation gave this wrong impression. So let us stand strong.

The problem today in India is that the Muslim have been molly coddled, for the last seventy years and now they find that they have to live like normal citizens of India with no extra privileges. We need to change our views of the Muslim and treat him as he should be today, a normal citizen of India. I feel sorry to be told that Hindu is coward and not able to stand up to the Muslim, a community far below the Hindus educationally economically and spiritually.

JAI Hind.
NS Malik