Date: 29/11/2019

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I admire you for perseverance with the demand for new Constitution while we see no stir in Lok Sabha.

Frequent rape means degradation of our women and girls on a large and uncontrollable stage. It shows a nation in advanced stage of decomposition, a nation in serious decline. It means the patriotic forces are losing ground and anarchy is advancing. It means a NATION WITHOUT MORALITY.

It is time to take note and ACT. The stakes are high. What is at stake is the Hindu nation, slowly "evaporating" from history..

30 Nov 2019

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Subject: Re: Replace Current Constitution With Hindustan Samvidhan--Part 11

How pathetic that our so called servants of their constituents who occupy the seat in parliament, have time for discussing all the irrelevant things but not about the court ordered punishment to rapist and hard core criminals. Do they ever contemplate on the current Indian Constitution and Indian Penal Code? Have they read the constitutions and tried to figure it out why it has been weakening the Bharatiya Culture and making it's time tested Traditions irrelevant day by day?

Rapist of Nirbhaya back in 2012, are still eating, sleeping on bed and having safe life in Tihar Jail. In spite of Supreme Court verdict they were not hanged by Sonia regime and still enjoying life under Modi administration. Does any one know for sure how many rape has already taken place after Nirbhaya and criminals are becoming bolder under the Modi-BJP???