Date: 29/11/2019

The Marathas conquered most of Northern India but fizzled out.
In the same way the Sikhs conquered North West including Khyber Pass and Western Tibet and even DELHI for a few days but fizzled out.

Another good example is of MONGOLS. They conquered much of the world but fizzled out.

On the contrary the Muslims conquered Libya, Egypt, Syria, Irak, Iran, Afghanistan and (much of) India and STAYED PUT. Also the British conquered India and STAYED PUT.

Do we know the reason as to why some who made advances like BLITZKRIEG (Germany in 1940) FIZZLED OUT while some others STAYED PUT consolidating their conquests with their rule lasting centuries?

Truly, there is need NOT ONLY to understand the Indian history (Subject line) but also the KEY TO SURVIVAL.

29 Nov 2019
PS: In view of the above, what are the chances of the Muslims REPLACING the Hindus in Hindusthan during the next one hundred years? And will their conquest FIZZLE OUT or last a few centuries?