Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was secretly converted to Islam.

Date: 01/12/2019

You have raised lots of questions about Gandhi. For a long time I am getting mails from people. In one mail it was mentioned that Gandhi before coming to Bhaarat was always suited botted like an English man.

After coming to Bhaarat he was advised by somebody to wear langoti and Dhoti to impress Hinduu masses.

He was secretly converted to Islam. I have read at many places that Kasturba use to arrange many meeting of Muslims at her house. She use to go to mosque and read namaz.
Gandhi was funded by a Muslim for his studies and travels. Gandhi was returning favor of a Muslim man by helping Muslims.

At Indira Gandhi time Rajiv and Sanjay use to wear Muslim dresses, but while coming out of the house they use to change such dresses

My knowledge of computer was very less and I did not save such information.
I tried to search such information on google but did not find anything.

One thing is sure Nehru family and Gandhi and part of his family members were Muslims, but no media is writing on this topic.

I cannot understand one thing that when somebody becomes president in America or prime minster in European countries then media search the background of their family background up to 10 generations, but in Bhaarat media does not search of the background of Prime Minster and president.
I get the impression most of the people are Jaichands in media.