Date: 03/12/2019


One area of dire need is the homeland of the Sikhs, that is EAST Punjab in PARTITIONED India. Many Sikh families migrated there from West Punjab in 1947 when panic stricken terrified leaders of India surrendered one third of the country UNCONDITIONALLY to the indigenous Muslims led by Mr Mohammed Ali Jinnah. West Punjab with the capital LAHORE, instantly became "KILLING GROUND" for the Sikhs and Hindus who fled in their millions in all directions in order to save their lives.

Although India has been independent since 1947, the PEOPLE have never felt free. They were immediately re-enslaved by the first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who ruled the country as a dictator and passed on the country to his daughter Indira Gandhi (real name Maimuna Begum after her conversion to Islam on marrying Feroze Khan of Allahabad) and grandson (Rajiv Gandhi) who believed in their "divine right" to (mis)rule India for ever. They ruined EDUCATION but brought lawlessness and encouraged corruption. Government of India tried to subdue and suppress the Sikhs for nearly two decades during which thousands of Sikh young men were killed in "fake" encounters and the Sikhs' holiest shrine, Sri Harmandir Sahib, was attacked. Later, thousands of Sikhs were killed across northern India after the assassination of Maimuna Begum, the "reincarnation" of savage Emperor Aurangzeb who ordered the beheading of Guru Tegh Bahdur ji.

As a result of the government policies towards the only Sikh majority State (East Punjab), with the shared capital Chandigarh (Union Territory), Education, agriculture, administration and industrial development have all suffered. There is urgent need to improve the quality of Education and eradicate the class of "baboos", a relic of British era of slavery, who deliberately retard any progress and take bribes to "move the file".

The chief minister, Capt Amrinder Singh, should be encouraged to leave the Union Territory and establish his Secretariat at PATIALA that has central position in the State. Promising (bright) Sikh students should be sent to renowned universities abroad (e.g. Oxford and Cambridge in the UK and similar universities in the USA and Canada), to acquire degrees and skills and then go back to serve the people of East Punjab.

The State needs a new name since the word "Punjab" was appropriate and decent until 1947 when THREE rivers were surrendered while two were retained in the State. Suggestions should be invited to choose a NEW NAME for East Punjab.

Sikhs should be encouraged to discuss "PARTITION" to learn a lot from that event. At present the cowardly rulers have deleted the word "Partition" from their vocabulary thus leaving their subjects totally IGNORANT about the events in 1947. It was a major catastrophe for the Sikhs when India collapsed like a house of cards and suddenly land under our feet vanished. One ought to be keenly AWARE of the lack of preparedness among the Sikhs and the most disgraceful sudden "death" of the Hindus, the majority community, when Karachi, Quetta, LAHORE, Peshawar, North Kashmir and Dhaka vanished from the map of India and the frontier dropped from Khyber Pass to Wagah! To Government of India it was a NON EVENT!

There is a strong case to charge the so-called Government of India for betraying the Sikhs (and Hindus) in 1947.

Finally, if there is a monument to the sacred memory of the 400 killed at Jallianwala Bagh by the British in 1919 AD, then we should ask the Government of India, "Where is the monument to honour the memory of TWO MILLION Hindus and Sikhs massacred in 1947 after BETRAYAL of the country by Mr Gandhi and Pandit Nehru?" They could have said "NO!" to Mr Jinnah and charged him of High Treason!

Discussion ought to take place widely in the community on the points raised above.

PS: Please compare the development of East Punjab in the last SEVENTY years with the development of LITHUANIA in the last 20 years! A visit to the latter is strongly recommended.