Churchill proved to be correct

Date: 06/12/2019

Churchill proved to be correct so far Nehruvian Congress is concern.

Nehruvian Congress died by its principle when Gandhi told Congress should be dissolved. He lost his faith when all the Congis not even one Congi remain in Pakistan and ran away from Pakistan and came to India. Besides this, Congis were pressuring Gandhi to use his good offices to give them some power post in the Government. Gandhi left with no option but to dissolve the Congress. He was also aware of defects of so-called socialism of Nehru. That is why he long back written a book "India of my dream" and certain rules of governors and ministers.

But Nehru after the death of Gandhi and Sardar Patel became inherently autocrat. He had committed Himalayan blunders, some of which he was aware and some of which he was not ready to correct.

How can he be designated as democrat when he kept 44000+ Hindus came in J&K state before 1944, and Nehru kept them away from voting rights for several decades. Actually Nehru should have been prosecuted for such undemocratic acts of identifying a lot of citizen by their religion and caste just to please his friend Shaikh Abdullah. Only autocrats can have such mindset to oblige beloved out of way.

In India we have a lot of stories of Demons, who could not be killed in ordinary way. If a drop of their blood falls on the earth, the blood generates 100/1000 demons. The Congis are worst than a demon, as they have produced thousand of political leaders who want their progeny to be in political power of the post they are holding.

Media columnists never to try to educate mass and never write against the root cause of corruption. Have you read a single columnist like say Pritish Nandi, Shekhar Gupta, against the danger zone of dynastic politics specifically pointing Congi?