Date: 29/05/2013

On ground you will be disillusioned with Bharat ! NO with Bhartiya!

We are busy destroying this land from environment to what lives and grows here; even vegetables are spurious !

Rot set in on 15th Aug 47, when we rung the wrong bell not ushering democracy but lootocracy as continuation of the British empire by others means ! Instead of cultivating national character first we set out to destroy it by adopting an incomplete , disharmonious distorted constitution. It was framed under our masters guidance to allow us to slip into independence not freedom as we do not behave as free least today !

!Maladies lie there not on ground !No one talks of that because it suits those who get into power on its account and who only can change it . And who in the first place should not be there at all!

Slipping into independence has made everything so easy and comfortable for the driving class the creamy layers . ! Self indulgence has made it insipid , flabby , opulent taking away the best in human values –sensitivity !

I have been in Delhi since long ! Have known both BJP and Congress govts. When BJP was in power I have seen with my eyes thousands of B'desh illegal immigrants provided ration cards and many false citizenship by BJP for vote bank! Let them deny! Congress and them are like twins !

Our whole political system reeks as it is tuned to be corrupt ! One is so skeptic about any who take fighting corruption as a plank . Corruption is endemic to Hindu way of life ! Start from temple , the greed we breed , the worship of wealth with a deity for it ! The point is that so called Hindu savers are like leech themselves !We leave nothing!

There is press report that Modi is also share holder in cricket stock market along with Jetly! Nothing surprising Sashi Tharoor too was involved in cricket scandal when in foreign office !There is no core let alone hard core , just pores in Hindu society as it is not governed by any codes of conduct. ‘Vasudev kautumb’ is now taken as license for freewheeling bonanza.

Those who cry save Hindus must jump the cliff since how can Hindus who are 1.2 billion become unsafe in their own land? There must be awfully wrong somewhere . This is a mere plank to garner returns . I have often cited Advani . This man living off proceeds of cheating Ram and his people when as HM he licensed the establishment of a Christian missionary radio station in Himachal called The Voice! Listen to it !

RSS decries Christian conversions among tribal’s for propaganda ! yet Villages have been converted in UK right under nose of BJP . Wrote to my colleague good XXXXXXXXXXX but with no avail!

Advani would sell the country for a dime ! For good business in return he was about to dispatch troops to Iraq to help vandalizing Americans ! This is free market capitalism where faith is also in market ! This is what I imply by porous Hindu !

Look at the proliferation of missionary schools ! These are being funded and popularized by all including Hinduatva . Hindu politicians are shown begging missionaries for admission of their wards to their schools ! Public schools are being dumped , education privatized with English being given deliberate preference by design! For making it a vehicle to make money and there are no camps in this only collective cheating .

People in cities have stopped understanding or talking their language now tongueless so to say ! Even Indian dogs understand only English! Now how do you make a nation which doesn’t have any language ! It has to be enforced .

Bdeshi problem is simply our own complicity ! We have no problems except our own selves! Every adverse situation is by our own scheme of things ! We have to seek new route to change , a new socio economic mantra with regimentation of society on lines that can safeguard tenets of governance with an iron hand .

Reinvent the Ashokan Empire . He discarded religion meddling in affairs of State and turned State into a religion. Religion doesn’t exist anywhere any way . It is a shroud people wear to be in fashion and bluff. A malleable vicious tool that can be used in any way to serve both good or most vicious ends . How do you expect this to used for good by politicians ?

Don’t you believe Hindus can deliver Hinduism from Islam as many believe by planting their pantomime in power. We have to work out agendas demand implementation of these .