Date: 24/12/2019


Dear Friends,

1. The history of the Freedom Struggle for India’s Freedom from the British
is totally incomplete without the Role of Neta Ji Subhash Bose and his First
Ever Indian Army called the INA (Indian National Army). The difference in
the ideologies had a toll on this part of the History for the past many years.

2. The Neta ji Subhsh Bose – INA Trust for over many decades had been
following up many issues related with NETA JI with the G of I as well as
other Non Govt Bodies. It is worth going through various articles and films
on NETA JI to refresh on History and the Role of INA in Freedom Struggle.
Please open the blog site where we have
compiled articles and graphics on issues of Neta Ji’s Air Crash,
Declassification of Neta Ji’s Files, his mystery of death, Sadhu-Baba etc
at one place for your reading.

3. The change in Govt in 2014 brought in changes to highlight the
much required History. Most of you must have watched the Live TV
programme last year when Mr Narendra Modi, our Prime minister
dedicated the barracks in the Red Fort as a Museum housing the
photographs and media shows highlighting the Freedom struggle.
In this museum one full room has been done up for Indian National
Army and Neta Ji Subhash Chander Bose, Azad Hind Govt in exile
and the First ever Indian Army . You may watch the event
Inauguration of National Museum by PM Narendra Modi
– Live from Red Fort

4. Following is the LINK to the opening of the Museum --
It is worth a visit with family , Delhi metro takes you right
outside the Red Fort.

5. All this happened after years of efforts by the Netaji Subhash
Bose INA Trust which has been pursuing its goals with the
Government for so many years now. The key personality in the
Trust is one of our Veteran , Brig RS Chhikara , (Veteran)
is the Chairman of the INA-Trust for the past many years.

6. Most of the Army officer would know this good old stalwart, he is from the
IMA 25th Course (Jun 1960), now 80 yrs of age and has been instrumental in
getting the dreams of INA-Trust come true. He is seen sitting on second chair on
left of the PM during the 75th Anniversary celebration of the establishment of the
AZAD Hind Government event in the Red fort where PM Shri Narinder modi
addressed the Nation on the Role of the Indian National Army which fought
the British Colonial Rulers to liberate India from their shackles...

7. The trust celebrates Neta I’s Birthday every year by holding a signature
event in Delhi on the 23rd of January. The forthcoming event , 14th NETA JI SUBHASH
MEMORIAL LECTURE , The event is being sponsored by FICCI New Delhi and
(FICCI - The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry is an association of business organisations in India.)

is accordingly schedule at 1400 hrs on the 23rd Jan 2020, at FICCI Auditorium,
Near Mandi House, New Delhi , The Chief Guest for the Event
is Shri Rajnath Singh , Honourable Defence Minister of India and the Memorial
Lecture will be delivered by – Shri Sanjeev Sanyal – Principal Economic Advisor,
among other presentations.

8. A formal invitation will be made available to the officers both serving as well as
the Veterans with all details of venue etc. Brig RS Chhikara who finds bit difficult to
write his own mails due to age but wishes to reach out to you all has requested us
to send this mail on his behalf.

9. His contact details are as under :-
Brig RS Chhikara
Email .. AND
Netaji Subhash INA Trust
Mob -- 9899995152

One may contact him accordingly .


Brigadier Narinder Dhand.

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