Date: 02/01/2020

India is an ancient nation but NOT not a mature democracy. The nation got liberated only in May 2014. The country could be ruled and RUINED by foreigners for many long centuries. Masses have been brainwashed to trust friend & FOE alike. Rulers are accepted at face value without finding out their origin, belief or faith. Not one Member of Lok Sabha dare mention Partition or call Indira Gandhi by her real name MAIMUNA BEGUM! (To DECEIVE the naion, it is still "Indira Gandhi International Airport"!) This gives chance to many undesirables to reach the top and manipulate the various communities for their evil ends.

One dynasty could easily rule and fool the Hindus for over SIX DECADES (Nehru-Indira-Rajiv). The MAJORITY community are still scared of a violent minority within, and are seen blindly following the likes of Rahul and Priyenka without going into their background, or whether they belong to the SAME "Hindu bashing" dynasty!

The ignorant nation conceded TOP "sensitive and key" posts to the Muslims having given them one third of India in 1947. People were getting more & more IMPOVERISHED, IGNORANT and SUBSERVIENT unlike the citizens of the UNITED States who are patriotic, proud and can possess and carry guns. Bharati media is not investigative. Their propaganda can make a traitor "chacha" and a coward "mahatma". The universities are not in tune with national aspirations. The armed forces are engaged at own borders in contrast with the USA whose armed forces are engaged 6,000 miles AWAY from mainland!

Especially in the case of PARTITIONED India, saturated with Muslims, who had to be pushed West of Wagah in 1947, and teaming with the corrupt and selfish politicians, with the dangerous "fingers" of Italy, Islam & Communism deep in body, it is imperative for all, including the men in uniform, to be vigilant, concerned, and INVOLVED.

The reason is simple: India's Head is NO Mao Tse Tung, Putin, Churchill or even Netaji Bose . She is a vulnerable State with her own built-in "time bombs and suicide vests" fitted, with strong tendency to regress and slip backwards into permanent sleep (SLAVERY) mode. The past THOUSAND year slavery (world record!) ought to say something about the KUMBH KARAN called "the Hindu nation" in this regard.

The writer recalls the year 1967 when corruption and maladministration were rife and there was lawlessness and mini riots erupting all over. There was the strong wish in many quarters for the Army to act and save the country from treacherous Dynasty but the generals had become so spineless and subservient to corrupt Civil Authority that many young officers (subalterns and captains) lost respect for the rulers and saw the only ray of hope through ARMY TAKE-OVER.

But we heard the army's silent voice. "Ours is not to question the rulers but to shut our eyes to their treachery and corruption and obey them till death. We will follow the Constitution to the end!"

To India's bad luck that Constitution was written up by "arm chair" doctors and scholars who nearly reproduced the Constitution of the United States. The fools did not ask themselves,

1. "Was the American Constitution written up after bloody Partition?
2. " Was there a single Musalmaan (Mohammedan) in the whole of North America at that time when the American Constitution was written up?

Sadly, Dr Ambedkar, (Nehru's choice was a Buddhist Dalit, not a Hindu Brahmin. We know why!) went for the American model, caring two hoots for the (Broken) Bharat's reality and for the native religions that sprang out of the sacred soil of Hindusthan. Lacking conviction in all native religions, he "converted all the Hindus to Nehru's version of Secularism "constitutionally"! Ambedkar succeeded where Aurangzeb failed. His "Hindu bashing" Constitution neither noticed PARTITION nor Maulana Abul Kalam Azad in Nehru's company! He also failed to notice Nehru distancing himself from the Hindus due to his Islamic pedigree. His Constitution was a shade of Nehru's love of Islam and the Arabs, and his hatred of Hindusthan and her native people (Hindus).

Congress had driven the nation and country to such depths that many service personnel, fed up with the rulers and administration in India, simply EMIGRATED. None saw any future for their families and their country.

Hence Bharat's safety and security must be of foremost and utmost concern of ALL citizens, whether in uniform or out of uniform. The reason is SIMLE: When due to dishonesty, weakness or TREASON by our top political leaders in 1947 the frontier fell from Khyber Pass down to Wagah, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MEN IN UNIFORM WHO STOOD DETACHED AND APOLITICAL? Here is the Reality check:

All the MEN IN UNIFORM serving & staying in the big CANTONMENTS at Peshawar, Bannu, Kohat, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Hyderabad and Karachi also PERISHED. Those who escaped to Bharat saw their salaries cut and status reduced by Nehru who was afraid of their reaction.

Then the result: Crushing defeat at the hands of the Chinese (1962). That's when the Army thought that they were separate and APOLITICAL like the German Generals in Third Reich!

Given the possibility of widespread civil unrest or civil disturbances, even CIVIL WAR (since Partition was NOT conclusive!), the armed forces need to be as involved in the fight for survival as the civilians. Those days of "Pagal Gymkhana", whisky rounds, bands and ballroom dances in the army clubs & messes, are over.

Then the Army was colonial, part of the global brotherhood. Today it is national. Then the Sarkar, the Army and the nation all knew that "DUTY (NOT family, caste, clan, religion or Dynasty) COMES FIRST!