Date: 05/01/2020

I was shocked to see today's TOI front page News with a very disappointing photo with caption "JNU STUDENTS GO ON LONG MARCH, DELHI GRINDS TO HALT". From the photograph, it appeared as if our Paramilitary Police Forces were in Hand to Hand COMBAT with Pakistani Terrorists.

Coincidentally, only a couple of days back, I posted an article on Facebook titled 'DISBAND JNU - A BLOT on the name of Nationhood'. Time and again JNU has proved that it is infested with hundreds of Owaisis, Anti National elements and Traitors who are being pampered on limited Nation's resources. They often raise slogans which are clearly Anti National and their continuance will demoralize our NATIONHOOD AND ARMED FORCES. Should the Nation's wealth be wasted in such manner feeding these shameless serpents right under your nose?

JNU definitely needs a PURGE or DISBAND because of Anti National activities and such Voices being heard time and again.

I also request all future employers to please think hard before employing anyone with JNU credentials since the candidate may be a hardcore Anti National, Owaisi or Kanhaiya - planted by foreign enemies lie Pakistan to spoil the fair name of your organization or establishment.