Date: 10/01/2020


Our TOP leaders in 1947 promptly surrendered one third of India UNCONDITIONALLLY.

In sheer panic and fright, or mighty compelled to appease the Indian Muslims to the extreme, they forgot to suggest even ONE condition in return.

So let us THINK what that condition ought to have been. The condition, never mentioned and never imposed on the ENEMY, was "POPULATION EXCHANGE". Not to do so was HIGH TREASON redoubled!

Had Gandhi or Nehru insisted on this ONE condition which is logical, ethical, absolutely correct, reasonable and appropriate, Mr Jinnah would certainly have changed his mind with regret or apology. On our side "Father of Nation" Bogus "Bapu" Gandhi imagined himself to be a goat and perceived Jinnah as a tiger. Illogical Partition was the logical result.

It is a FACT, though most embarrassing, that our top leaders, all despicable COWARDS & TRAITORS, left it to the future generations of the Hindus to face (suffer) the consequences of their COLLAPSE. They also kept the Muslims back, and let them grow and grow in numbers DISPROPORTIONATELY in order to EITHER force the SECOND Partition OR recreate the old Mogul Empire with Delhi as capital. Are we not overlooking the inevitable? Are we not avoiding the word "PARTITION"?

Time for recovery is running out. No government in the last 73 years has come up with any brilliant plan, suggestion or INITIATIVE to recover "Akhand Bharat". Instead, the artificial & ridiculous international BORDER at Wagah is considered quite proper, legitimate & permanent.

Civil unrest across Bharat is increasing, threatening the very foundations of the Republic. What an Irony that even the Hindus are not united but many are seen supporting the enemies while many are sitting on the fence and confused. The COUNTLESS invasions, massacres & genocides, including the ones in 1946 (Noakhali) and 1947 (West Punjab) have "evaporated" from the memory of Lok Sabha of the IGNORANT.

To save Bharat (Hindus) for the future it is absolutely vital to carry out POPULATION EXCHANGE- strictly in accordance with that "Act of Partition, 1947" while informing UNO and every other country on earth how it ought to have been accomplished. It is Bharat's RIGHT to insist on this if the UNO confers legitimacy on Pakistan and the Partition of India.

Pakistan has already done her side of the bargain without the whole world moving an eyebrow. She enacted ISLAMIC constitution and imposed it on her Non Muslim citizens, too. She wiped out, or expelled, the Hindus (and Sikhs) in the most brutal and violent manner. Therefore, Pakistan cannot be allowed to escape her part of the bargain. Her CRIME of ethnic cleansing is not time barred.

It is up to us now to raise the issue LEGALLY, and take PARTITION to its logical end, and convince all parties to re-create "AKHAND BHARAT" (India in her frontiers of 1947) in which all citizens will enjoy equal rights just like those PRE PARTITION days.

A Constitution based on KORAN, being imposed on the Non Muslims in Pakistan, is as RIDICULOUS as the sight of a camel in Piccadily Circus, London- WITH A MULLAH IN THE SADDLE!

10 Jan 2020


Thursday, January 9, 2020 1:33 PM
Hindus Jago & Join to finish "Radical Islam"

Islam is a threat to the whole world, more to the "Free World". Such videos are eye opener and must be kept safe for posterity but I feel at least in India most people do not see the threat, though well healed Hindus from society, film industry, so called liberals and intellectuals have lined up with Islamists as we see the whole scenario today. People simply are too engrossed in making money or their professions and consider below their hollow standards to stand up against them or to be seen with Hindu majority. I see that happening in CAA protests. In India, hopefully, sooner or later this hyperbole will be taken care of, or at least due effort will be made towards that end.

But what disappoints me is the bad news from European Countries where you see this happening in next 20- 40 years when Muslims will outnumber the original inhabitants of Europe, so called protagonists of FREEDOM. Except a few, neither the ordinary people or the governments seem to be bothered about impending disaster. Many videos have come on Social media from England, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France etc. which show white populations reproducing only at 1.3 to 1.6 Per Couple (to maintain even the same population an average couple is required to reproduce @ 2.1 PER COUPLE.) On the contrary, Immigrant Muslim Populations are reproducing at 6 - 7 children per couple and in addition more Muslims are emigrating to Europe. This imbalance of population will start showing in next 20 - 40 years when white will be in minority in their own land. They shall be defeated at their own game of DEMOCRACY which is a western concept and a concept of numbers in which present Muslim minorities will become majorities and convert the whole world into Islam Leaving no choice for others. Only country safe would be JAPAN AND CHINA which have strictly banned Islam in their countries.

This is only my overview of the dreadful irreversible scenario world would be facing in a few decade from now.