Peace overtures by the weak and the foolish

Date: 12/01/2020

A contest between a motivated united Jehadis, eyeing gold and girls of the defeated as "maal-i-ghaneemat" (loot in war) and the pacifist Gandhian Hindus ends in the crushing defeat of the Hindus who escape mass annihilation by surrendering territory unconditionally to buy peace.

How wrong are those still talking of dialogue between a Jehadi and a Gandhian Hindu (Ahimsa Parmo Dharma)!


You do not know your enemy and that is why you are talking about
dialogue. Read the history of Islam and you will know what needs
to be done very quickly. The alternative is dark ages and hell
under Islam.

You are committing the same blunder that India committed 2000
years ago after the advent of Buddhism. Hindus also parroted
such sweet-sounding cliches and thought the dialogue was better,
wars do not solve any problems etc. This is the symptom of a confused
mind. Maybe the result of black psy-ops department of your enemies
out to destroy you. Taking the leaf from the treatise of Chanakya and
Sun Tzu, they will crush your resistance with these poems and thoughts
and win even before the final war started.

Hindus forgot Mahabharat and art of war and reasoning and
philosophy to understand as to why the wars are fought. Everything is
not for money and selfish reasons as is foolishly believed by the
society influenced by Marxists. Invaders of India could not believe
their good luck that they will face the peace-loving enemy instead of ferocious fighters. So they looted, ruined and raped the land of the silly
folks whose youth was busy reciting poems of peace and itching to
hug the enemy with love instead of defending their society. The
enemy was interested only in wealth and women and not disgusting
peace overtures of weak and stupid.

Now the descendants of their victims are reciting verses of violence
from Koran and hadith and dreaming to destroy whatever is left.
The rape children are supporting the ideology of rapist invaders who
tormented their peace-loving forefathers and trying to emulate the
achievement of looters.

It seems last days of the Western civilization have arrived. We know
what is happening in Europe and gradually spread over Western
civilization. I only hope you will wake up in time, learn from the
blunders of Hindus and your youth will understand that defending a
good civilization is far more important than empty dreams, silly
poems and smiles.