Date: 13/01/2020

It is understood that some Pakistanis are putting pressure on the government of the United Kingdom to hold referendum in Kashmir. WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS?

Mr Jinnah who demanded the break up of India on separatist RELIGIOUS grounds committed High Treason against the country of his own birth. He divided the "second nation" (the Muslims) too into THREE parts!

It is incomprehensible as to why Mr Jinnah was not tried for treason! World War 2 had been fought for the equality and dignity of man by defeating the separatist fundamentalist NAZIS. Yet, instead of punishment Mr Jinnah was rewarded with the unconditional surrender of ONE THIRD of secular democratic India in order to create a separatist fundamentalist ISLAMIC "Pakistan"!

British Parliament has never sent a "fact finding" mission to find out the consequences of breaking up India or to find out the number of people murdered, females abducted and raped, and citizens driven out of their homes, as well as the future (eternal) hostilities and animosities among the natives of India as a direct result of that officially imposed "Partition".


Pakistan itself is an illegitimate State for the simple reason that the country (India) belonged to ALL its PEOPLE. Yet NO referendum was held to ascertain the people's wishes while putting one third of India under ISLAMIC rule.

The decision to partition India was taken by a few native leaders slavishly "going along" the seditious Will of the colonial masters. Where was the Secularism that had been successfully enforced by the British throughout their occupation of India from 1857 till 1947- that kept all the religions in mutual harmony and in peace- that we see in the United Kingdom itself? Where were the TWO guiding principles of the United Kingdom- Democracy, by which a Referendum was mandatory before breaking up India, and Secularism that guarantees equality among citizens irrespective of religion and sex?


1. The independence of Scotland is resisted by Westminster tooth and nail, while such sentiments is absent when Independence of Kashmir is considered negotiable?

2. What would be the view of the BRITISH Parliament on an ISLAMIC Constitution, that degrades women and relegates the Non Muslim minorities like the Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and the Sikhs to second (inferior) class?

3. How safe will the Non Muslim minorities be in Independent Kashmir with over 90% Muslims. (They will be as safe as in Pakistan and Afghanistan!)

4. What about the demand for Khalistan that is dormant among some misguided youth in East Punjab? Can't we fore-see another bloodbath through State repression there if Kashmir is allowed to leave India?

The reaction, and policy, of British government and people in the United Kingdom ought to be to stand on the side of India that is a SECULAR democracy.

India Is a CIVILISED tolerant modern country where 172 million Muslims are living in safety in contrast to Islamic separatist, intolerant Pakistan where total ethnic cleansing of Hindus took place in the very year of its birth in 1947.

In fact, this country (the UK) ought to be speaking up for the UNITY of India within the borders of 1947 when the frontier stood at Khyber Pass. That UNITED India will be a worthy replica of the UNITED Kingdom itself that we see today.

14 Jan 2020