Date: 17/01/2020


We all heard or read about the following. But apart from individual reaction of sadness or despair there was no collective response. That is what needs to be ensured immediately. Urgent thought ought to be given to creating an effective Hindu Head with top ranking scholars with knowledge of history and the parties, elements and foreign powers bent upon harming Bharat. The image of "Hindu victim" created by the following events ought to be reversed. Hindu needs to stand up tall on his territory. Following are sad reminders of the need to make Hindus RESPONSIVE, I.e., in a position to AVERT or CONFRONT threats head on, and then the ability and motivation to RETALIATE.

Only in my LIVING MEMORY first it was the large scale massacre of Hindus and rape of Hindu girls and women in Noakhali, Bengal (August 1946) during British rule. The Hindus of Maharashtra did not lift a little finger in sympathy or support.

Then came the GENOCIDE of Hindus (and Sikhs) in West Punjab (1947). Hindus in UP and Gujerat looked the other way. In many towns and cities there was resentment against the new arrivals instead of offering support and comfort.

Then it was the turn of the Sikhs in EAST Punjab with malicious attack on Golden Temple (June 1984) on the occasion of a major "gurpurb", commemorating the martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev in 1606 AD on the orders of MUSLIM Emperor Jehangir of Hindusthan. Hundreds of pilgrims, including women and children, fell to the bullets of the Indian Army. People of Delhi did not "lynch" Maimuna Begum, who was the Prime Minister being the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru and a secret convert to Islam.

Then it was the genocide of Sikhs unleashed in Delhi and across Northern India after assassination of Maimuna Begum (31st. Oct 1984). The police and army stood by and watched for THREE days while men and boys were killed, girls and women raped, houses and properties, cars and buses owned by Sikhs, set ablaze. The Inspector General of Police, Delhi, was not dismissed for gross dereliction of duty. Nor did the Home Minister, Government of India, offer to resign! A whole community across the globe was alienated. Yet no apology offered, nor any culprits punished expeditiously.

Then it was the turn of the TAMILS of Indian origin, living in Sri Lanka. When they came under attack (1987) they looked towards Delhi for support. INSTEAD, the government of India promptly took sides with the oppressor and sent armed forces to crush the Tamil resistance. Even the Tamils in Tamil Nadu did not protest to Delhi!

Then the large scale murder, rape and forced exile of the Kashmiri Pandits (1991). The Hindus across the whole of Bharat did not rise to ensure their safety in Srinagar. These unfortunate Hindus in Hindusthan are refugees in their own country, and, shamefully, are still in wilderness (2020)!

1997 the fate of the Brus (see e-mail below). It was, and has been, no news for the nation. What kind of a nation is this that does not mind forcible conversions to FOREIGN religions that result in decreasing Hindu numbers every time?

Since 1947 (Unconditional surrender of India to the INDIAN Muslims) Hindus and Sikhs have been forcibly converted, even killed and driven out of their homes across Pakistan. Yet all the governments of India (until now), have looked the other way. No protest or threat was ever issued to Government of Pakistan on behalf of these BETRAYED minorities (since 1947). During Congress and Dynasty rule many Hindus from Sindh who sought refuge in Bharat were arrested as "illegal immigrants" and sent back to ISLAMIC Pakistan! Yet Lok Sabha did not protest.

All this points out to-
Hindus ought to show more interest in POLITICS than in religion.
Hindus ought to use the WEAPONS that ought to be better than those used by the enemy. For example, if the enemy uses sword, stick and dagger, rosary or prayers are useless!

Bapu Gandhi of "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" ought to be dumped and, instead, study of lives or Hindu/Sikh heroes, fighters and conquerors should be in every school syllabus. Students should know the art of survival in hostile world. Such lack of awareness cost us Karachi, Lahore and Chittagong in 1947 and such lack of awareness will cost Bharat DELHI, too. To our shame, in 1857 the Emperor (ruler of Hindusthan was NOT a Hindu! Yet, lacking pride and conviction most Hindus see NOTHING wrong in this! Also, there was NO reaction among the Hindus when the first MUSLIM minister joined Nehru's cabinet, or when a Muslim became the Supreme Commander! It told the world that the Hindus find the devastating Partition (loss of life and territory) as something normal or harmless!

Please note how easily most Hindus recall the names of all the MUSLIM emperors and the BRITISH viceroys instead of showing shame or regret each time. If Rahul or Priyenka wish to occupy the chair of Prime Minister of Hindusthan then they have to state their RELIGION first. The nation in PARTITIONED India must not say, "It doesn't matter if the Prime Minister is a Catholic and the President a Muslim. We are secular!" In that case the Hindus in Bharat will vanish quickly if there is none at the TOP to relate to..

In fact, the price of sitting detached from "dharti" (while sticking to "dharma") may cost us DELHI, too, in the near future- just like Lahore in my living memory!

18 jAN 2020