Date: 26/01/2020

With regard to TWO NATION theory, it is not a recent phenomenon. From the first encounter with Islam in712 AD it was apparent that the invaders behaved like beasts towards the natives. Mohammed Bin Qasim demonstrated THREE aspects of perennial Islamic behaviour: 1. Senseless, needless massacres (see YEMEN); 2. Destruction of places of worship; and 3. abduction, rape and sale of the captured girls & women.
Surprisingly, or shockingly, these THREE aspects are still the same. The bestial treatment of YAZIDIS in 2015 was FAR WORSE than what the Jews suffered under the NAZIS. It's unbelievable but TRUE! ACTIONS OF THE CIVILISED & THE BARBARIANS ARE POLES APART.
Islam and Hinduism are not similar at all but diametrical opposite to each other. Just a few examples will prove the point.
a. respect of women. Where is respect for women if a man can marry four?
b. respect for places of worship of the Non Muslims. Hindus never vandalised a mosque whereas the Muslims destroyed or razed to ground nearly all the temples in Hindusthan. They did not spare even the Buddha statues in Bamyan, Afghanistan!
c. Muslims provoke the Hindus by killing cows for food while the Hindus regard the cows as useful, sacred and precious.
d. Loyalty to country. Hindus defend territory, calling it "dharti maata" whereas the Muslims broke up India into three fragments without any hesitation, guilt or shame. Their loyalty to the country of domicile is NIL
e. Muslim marriage is a contract whereas the Hindu marriage is for life.
f. Hindu scriptures were written or composed by holy men and women. In the case of Muslims it is "God dictated the Koran to illiterate Mohammed!" How does this Belief measure up with common sense, logic or reality?
g. Muslims claim Mohammed to be the LAST messenger of God on earth? They are prepared to kill anyone contradicting this. They have "reduced" even God before Mohammed! Surely, if He is Almighty, then there could be prophets galore on earth in the future!
h. Hindus persuade people to embrace Hindu Dharma while the Muslims FORCE people to embrace Islam wherever & whenever they can. Mogul emperors sent soldiers all over, FORCING the Hindus to embrace Islam and put Mohammed of Mecca above Sri Ram of Ayodhya and Sri Krishna of Mathura, even Guru Nanak of Nankana Sahib. It was so common for our ancestors to hear, "Islam or DEATH?" Shame on them forcing "ideology" from "JEHALIYA" upon the highly civilized natives of Hindusthan!
Shri Sita Ram Goel, PN Oak, Arwind Ghosh and Anwar Shaikh have written enough on the 'third class' Ideology that is called "Islam" by so many.
God forbid, if Bharat comes under a Muslim prime minister, it will be death sentence for all the Non Muslims. Those who want proof, need to look at every ISLAMIC Republic and find out just ONE thing: How many Non Muslims used to live there when the FIRST Muslim arrived and how many Non Muslims are living there NOW? Then automatically the question will come up, "WHO EXTERMINATED THEM ALL?"
One can start with Sindh, West Punjab and East Bengal. How many Hindus were there in 1947 and how many are there today? Wouldn't the CONCLUSION be, "Islam is very much not only "second" nation in India but also PERSONA NON GRATA since their capture of Karachi, Lahore, Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong (PARTITION).