Date: 28/01/2020

An interesting fact of Indian Republic Day Parade.


Right through from Vijay Chowk to Red Fort, all contingents salute only once
- they salute the President of India.

But, the Sikh Regiment salutes twice. The second salute is to Gurudwara Sees Ganj
where 9th Guru Tegh Bahadur of Sikhpanthis was "butchered" limb-by-limb" under
the order of the then Ruler of Hindusthan "The butcher - Aurangzeb', the last Mughal
Islamic King.

The sewadars in return shower rose petals on the brave Sikh soldiers.

This tradition by the Sikh Regiment was started by Brig Injo Gakhal when he led the contingent sometime in end 1980s - early 1990s.

As per his account he did it first during the full dress rehearsal when the Gurdwara was pleasantly surprised.

When he did it again on the actual parade the contingent was pleasantly surprised by the shower of rose petals by the spectators from both sides - the petals provided by the Gurdwara.

This tradition now is set.

The original story by Col Injo Gakhal..."DAHINAY DEKH" & ROSE PETAL SHOWER !

1. It was 24 Jan 1979 the full-dress rehearsal for the Republic Day Parade. Having marched for the major part of 14 odd Kilometers we were nearing the end towards the Red Fort, where refreshments and transport awaited us. Surely some bladders must have been under stress. The march started from Vijay Chowk , past the Rajpath Saluting base keeping India Gate to our right onto Curzon road (KG Marg), to Connaught Place- Minto bridge-Ram Lila ground- Chawri Bazaar- Kinari Bazaar-Sis Gunj Gurdwara Sahib-Chandni Chowk ending on the front lawns of the Red Fort. As we approached Chandni Chowk, Gurudwara Sis Gunj loomed on to our right. As per Sikh Regimental tradition as contingent commander, I ordered the Sikh Regiment marching contingent "Dhainay Dekh" and lowered my sword in salute. The Gurdwara managers were taken by surprise as were the hordes of spectators lining the road. On reaching the Red Fort the Contingent was brought to rest, but the Gurdwara Savadars had caught up with us to serve 'Kadah Prasad', most welcome refreshment and reward.

2. Come 26 Jan 1980, as we approached Sisganj Gurdwara Sahib and i ordered "Dahinay Dekh", the Gurdwara management was prepared this time. Rose petals were showered on us from both sides of the road amidst loud "jaikara" of Sat Sri Akal !!

That really gave my marching contingent a high.
Some thing I recall with fondness.