Date: 30/01/2020

We are in existential threat due to our own traitors

Our Hindu leaders, revenue officials, municipal officials selling India to
Pakistan and Bangladesh. The battle is lost due to dishonest border para
militarily forces and dishonest and chor politicians.

Nehru blundered when Jinnah, Liaquat and Mount batten had asked for
complete exchange of populations on religious grounds as in Jinnah's view
his religion was totally opposed and different from Hindus and would ever
remain incompatible. There fore partition would end for ever the religious conflicts and continuation of common living would never be achieved. He knew Direct Action would result in
retaliation and that is what he wanted and achieved Pakistan, a nation
demanded by people of Central Provinces and the areas of British Presidency.

Nehru was even prepared to hand over United Punjab upto Delhi to Pakistan but was saved because the Princes put their armed might to retaliate.

Unionist Party cabinet in United Punjab in 1937 was headed by Sir Sikander Hyat Khan Tiwana as PM and had Sir Chhoturam and a Sikh member as well.

This party was against partition. Later Sir Khizar Hyat Khan became the PM.

Jinnah and Khan made a pact called Lucknow in which the unionist party ultimately abandoned secular match and joined Jinnah. British too wanted this and were keen to have future nation states divided on communal lines.

The British wanted to divide into India and Pakistan and into autonomous Princely states. This plan was drafted by Viceroy Wavell and Jinnah. But both were taken aback as Labour Party won
elections in Britain and new PM Attlee turned out to be old friend of Nehru. The personal assistant of Wavell a British too was friendly to Nehru who handed over the entire details of Wavell Jinnah plan to Nehru who in turn passed on to Attlee. Attlee was furious with Wavell to have framed India's future without knowledge of British cabinet. In fact Wavell wanted Pakistan upto Delhi. Wavell was dismissed and recalled and died in poverty.. His plea to PM that he has no house to live and no money was not listened to. Wavell was replaced by Mount batten yet another friend of
Nehru. Cyrill Radcliffe a lawyer drew the lines and did not take into account the inclusion of Lahore, Sialkot, Kartarpur and POK into India. After the success of first 5 year plan, suddenly high
number of foreigners entered India and second five year plan failed due to massive increase of population. With Saudi backed money ISI has upstaged the whole scene by organising a plan
involving many nations and collaborators within India for placing several millions into India after 1989.

Even today the influx is continuing fast due to politicians in power and Hawala agents and money sharks of a non- Muslim, non-Hindu minority community.. It is this communication capitalists who receive Hawala money and arrange jobs and houses to these new arrivals who are provided with fake cards. Our patwaris and Tehsildars, the staff of municipal committees, local bodies and the elected reps are too busy in receiving money as traitors from ISI. Many places including forest and
public lands even in two Hill states irrespective of so called nationalist party are deep in advancing the cause of Pakistan and Bangladesh. These new settlers get their authentication and cards in the name of a district Bijnor and are taught that on questioning they should say that they have purchased the lands and made houses after selling their property in Bijnor or even far in far away Karnataka.

Our neighbours have turned the tables on us by sheer aggression without waging a war.

Just because of lack of guard on Indo- Nepal border, corrupt ministers, revenue officials India will become a Hindu minority country. The names of these corrupt leaders are known to intelligence agencies. *The government of India is advised to get the records of registration of lands
made in last three decades in all states. Governments and DMs must be apprised of land registrations being made on daily basis by Patwaris and Tehsildars and officials of Municipal Corporations. India must fix corrupt traitors ministers, officials immediately before they totally hand over India to Pakistan and Bangladesh and make it a greater Pakistan code named Gazva e Hind, Moglistan, Let us all pray to God for destruction of those corrupt ministers, officials in office and the Hawala traitors who are now coming up with plans to handover vacant lands to ever increasing Population
filling into India from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Our fake Hindu nationalist leaders in states and the corrupt officials have defeated India despite sacrifices by our soldiers.*