Date: 30/05/2013

Has the Congress Party been encouraging and abetting growth of terrorism among tribals since long?

Why is nobody discussing about the Purulia air-dropping a plane load of modern weapons- automatic rifles, ammunition..etc. by a Chartered flight piloted by a Dutch pilot? The flight originated from EU, refuelled in Karachi and crossed the entire width of the Country crossing many ATC zones "without detection "(or ordered not to interfere?), dropped the consignements from midair into open areas in thick forests of Purulia area of WB infested with Naxals and Maoists, and landed in Calcutta. While the flight reached Mumbai on its return flight, the two were caught and arrested and one escaped very soon and the pilot was taken to Delhi and escorted by a Congress MP in a red beaconed car to Nepal and allowed to escape?

To whom were these sophisticated arms were to reach? Maoists and Naxals arranged by Congress Govt. at Centre?

Now UPA is questioning how they are getting sophisticated weapons and ammunition?

Why is the opposition not questioning this anti-National traitorous act of Congress leaders all these years?

We are a laughing stock in the World as the pilot moves freely in Holland and challenges the GOI to extradite him and file charges, as he is fully aware of the complicity of Congress Govt. in this matter!!