Why so much Halla Gulla on CAA

Date: 27/02/2020

Why so much Halla Gulla on CAA?

Becoz it is the first Indian law that challenges the doctrine of Islam
Have u ever seen muslims refugees going to Muslim countries?!

Why Saudi and other Muslim countries don't accept Muslim refugees?

Why do all Muslim refugees seek asylum in non-Muslim countries like European nations, USA, India etc avoiding rich Islamic countries?

Refer to the Treaty of Hudaibiya.

People who ask such questions don't know these words:

Hijrah and Treaty of Hudaibiya...

The Migration of Muslims to Non-Muslim Land is done on purpose. The Process is Called Hijrah.

This is part of the Islamist Doctrine of world wide Conquest!!

They are taught this in mosques as religious duty.

Saudi Arabia never takes Muslim refugees but funds them to migrate infiltrate into other non Muslim countries through the UN, which has now become an instrument for the Islamic conquest of the world.

Another such Doctrine is the division of humanity into Momin (Islamic believer ) and Kaffir (non believer). It extends to the division of the occupied land into Dar-ul-Islam and Dar-ul-Harb.

After the occupation of India, they divided this land into Dar ul Islam (Pakistan) and Dar ul Harb (India). Thus the partition of India was done based on this islamic doctrine division (of land and people). The most divisive ideology in the world now is Islam.

CAB is thus the first Indian law that challenges the doctrine of Islam, the first in the world in recent history giving relief to Kaffirs who are supposed to suffer till death in Dar-ul-Islam existing only to serve them or entertain them by accepting rape and torture. This is what is not acceptable to the expansionist policy of the terrorists and is called "oppression" against Muslims and so this Islamic intelligence is instigating so much protest against CAB and any amount of explaining that it doesn't matter to Muslims, will NOT work.

Because the CAA NRC NPR are in their eyes a strategy to roll back the expansionist plot of Islam which is in jeopardy after a long time after the Spanish Inquisition, Hulagu Khan's Mongol Invasion and the Crusades.

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