Date: 03/04/2020

NB. the following response is being sent to many addresses in order to raise awareness.

what you write is the aspiration of tens of millions of people of India, especially those uprooted violently in East Bengal, North Kashmir and West Punjab. In the Land of “Jackals” there is NO memorial to the TWO MILLION dead!

It was expected after Partition that GOVERNMENT of India and the governments of the "partitioned" States to write up the names and addresses of each and every individual who used to live on the "other" side but was either killed or forced to flee.

But to our BAD LUCK the governments comprised of selfish "pseudo-secular" mentally DWARFS with menial slavish mentality who were the best available in the country ruined physically, spiritually and culturally due to crushing SLAVERY lasting many CENTURIES.

To our bad luck those top national leaders, who took part in negotiations for the Independence of India, openly betrayed their country and people and resigned instantly to accept the UNDEMOCRATIC, IMMORAL and SECTARIAN Partition of the great sub-continent, renowned as ancient civilization not less than the civilizations of China and Egypt.

They (the likes of Gandhi & Nehru) are still revered as "freedom fighters" and "patriots" who are above comment and criticism. The nation of PYGMIES put these despicable COWARDS and TRAITORS above our "Mother India" ("Bharat MATA")!

Hence to save their adorable and revered high status and IMAGE none has dared to set up the most important historic memorials anywhere in Bharat. What else could be the reason for this betrayal of our Land of Birth and the precious lives, each no less in the eyes of God than Gandhi or Nehru, by deleting all references to Partition that happens to be the worst ever defeat and the most humiliating surrender of our sacred TERRITORY where our earliest culture flourished and civilization began, e.g., TAXILA and MOHENJO DARO. Later, we had, in West Punjab and Khaibar Pakhtoonkhwa (former NWFP) our most historic and sacred mandirs and gurdwaras and cultural & political centres. They were all SURRENDERED, in utmost haste and panic, free of cost, without any condition, as if totally useless like the SANDS of Arabia.

Apart from the MATERIAL, RELIGIOUS, SPIRITUAL and CULTURAL loss, there were the HUMANS, our ancestors, who had lived there happily for millennia. The manner in which they were forced out of their homes, butchered, abducted and raped, even small girls of five or six years' age, must have been something to remind ourselves, and the world, FOR EVER. unless according to some Divine Will the present COLLAPSE of national nerve and guts at the highest level is meant to lead effortlessly to the next "Partition" to wipe out the INFERIOR human scum, one billion weak, who deny OUR own "holocaust", from the surface of the earth.

Many of the survivors, Hindus and Sikhs alike, who witnessed the worst in those days, express themselves in frustration in the same manner. Our kith and kin, our ancestors, were neglected, betrayed and considered worthless by those who accepted a rump of an old civilized country, scared of the bullies, and named it "Bharat".

The highly developed native civilization (with spiritual fountainheads at Mathura, Ayodhya, Nankana Sahib) were surrendered to the crude (rough & rude) foreigners (Mecca in the Arabian desert).

Where was patriotism in Nehru & Gandhi who were supposed to "defend our LAND to the last breath in body!", that is taught to a raw army recruit on the first day?

A PROUD and HONORABLE nation would have taken up "PARTITION" as a subject for STUDY in schools and universities. They would have named roads after those who RESISTED the enemy and sacrificed their lives while defending unarmed fellow Hindus and Sikhs, the helpless girls and women and their homes. None in our inferior Indian race has bothered to FIND OUT their names and the heroic accounts of resistance put up by them in remote villages, towns and cities like Lyallpur, Sargodha, Multan, Montgomery, Khanewal, Lahore, Jhelum, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi! Thousands of stories of exemplary individual heroism have been lost to the coming generations instead of being recorded to make the coming generations feel proud of them. Those invaluable accounts can still be recorded for posterity if some patriotic organization or Party were to arrange interviews of the survivors!

In a proud and honorable Bharat it is despicable BETRAYAL of West Punjab, East Bengal and North Kashmir (shamefully surrendered) to name even one road after Gandhi or Nehru who signed their “death warrants” and handed over the Non Muslims to the “butchers”.

Not one in the "Lok Sabha of PYGMIES" has demanded a debate over PARTITION to discuss the role of our top leaders who attended those talks that culminated in national humiliation and vast territorial surrenders. What was the fault, or CRIME, of those millions who paid with their lives, who were robbed of all possessions, including homes and lands?

Life may look normal and even hopeful under the new BJP leadership but no power on earth can gloss over the surrender of LAHORE, the Heart of Punjab and every other inch of Bharat's sacred "dharti" and her children who were killed or raped in beastly manner for no fault of theirs.

One will have respect for the rulers, and trust in the leaders, ONLY when they behave like MEN, not pygmies, and then tell the nation, "WHY PARTITION?" and then put up MEMORIALS all over the country to remind us, and the coming generations, of those who perished on the other side of the "bogus" borders.

Those who have the destiny of a great nation in their hands have to be big and great accordingly.

We are now looking up to the top leaders in Bharat to produce "lions" if we are to recover the surrendered lands, or ask the Muslims to move to their special "homeland" called "Pakistan", besides putting up Memorials to the Dead of 1946-1947 in every State capital.

Three questions beg answers:

1. Why was Lahore surrendered?

2. Why was it not recaptured in 1965 and 1972 when India had the capability of doing so easily?

3. Why is there no public holiday in Bharat to mark the capture of Khyber Pass by Gen Hari Singh Nalwa, a spectacular victory of which the entire nation ought to be proud of? (quote) “Every stone in the Khyber has been soaked in blood” Finally, Sikhs under Ranjit Singh, in 1798 captured the Khyber Pass. Hari Singh Nalwa, who manned the Khyber Pass for years became a household name in Afghanistan.(Unquote).

We ask the President (Supreme Commander) of “Broken” Bharat, who was expected to raise the point with the government, “What is there to be ashamed of, or embarrassed about, Mr. President?”

We expect the rulers of truncated Bharat to answer these questions and prove themselves fit to lead the nation of one billion through the turbulent times ahead.



PS: Please do not exonerate all the lacklustre, uninspiring, routine-bound and "time pass" chief ministers of East Punjab, mostly Sikh (SHAME!), who have never related to their subjects like their own family, nor objected to “Nehru Margs” and “Gandhi statues” (instead of Sikh heroes, Gurus and inspiring patriotis) in the State, nor introduced “PARTITION” as school subject in curriculum, nor even valued the precious youths of the State (second to none on earth!) who, in frustration & despair, are taking to drugs or emigration.

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I thank you for reminding the people about partition of India and to remember the areas left by us in Pakistan. There are very few people left who are pre partition born and they are the only ones who have memory of their villages. I have been making this appeal for long time that govt of India should have this partition museum where the information about the west Punjab could be preserved. Luckily a partition museum has come up in Amritsar with the effort of an NGO and this museum located in a heritage building is very popular among the tourists. I know Guneet Bhalla in the USA who has recorded hundreds of Muslim families who have survived after partition and she has travelled a lot in Pakistan and India. Some refugees from Pakistan have establishes, schools and colleges in Punjab named after their birth place. Lyallpur College, Mintgumry College are in Jalandhar. My father was able to build Dhudial Khalsa School in Patiala named after my village.

I hope the govt should accept your idea because it will not be possible later on. Recently 3-4 books on our heritage in Pakistan have come out.


On Thu, 26 Mar 2020 at 6:39 AM, cccccccc wrote:

The honourable establish Memorials to remind the coming generations of their DEAD.

There is NO Memorial anywhere in EAST Punjab, or Union Territory of Chandigarh, to remind the coming generations of the SIKHS who USED TO live in Multan, Lahore, Lyallpur, Jhelum, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Peshawar, Khanewal, Mailsi, Raiwind, Dera Ghazi Khan, Sargodha, Jarhanwala, Sukho, Daultala, Bannu, Jhang AND SO ON until 1947.

Who do we expect to build such Memorials?
Congress Party of Sonia Maino Gandhi whose first loyalty is to VATICAN and ITALY, or
BJP of Gandhian ethos, whose first loyalty is to Sardar Patel (the tallest statue on earth!) and Gujerat (the fastest developing State in India), OR, THE SIKHS OF EAST PUNJANB?

26 March 2020