Date: 30/05/2013


On CHACHA NEHRU we could add:

Nehru hated the Hindus. So impressed was his daughter that she married a MUSLIM.

Nehru hated native Indian women. So impressed was his grandson who imported an Italian born female putting her ABOVE all the native girls.

Nehru hated India. So he gave away FIVE PROVINCES to the indigenous MUSLIMS without a single condition.

Nehru hated the Hindus. So he ensured that Pakistanis do complete ethnic cleansing with his approval and full knowledte.

He hated the armed forces. So he stopped them at cease fire line so they could never have the thrill and joy of celebrating an outstanding victory. He was continously downgrading and insulting them in relative status, protocol, pay and emoluments. He made them live in bunkers and mud huts but never built even ONE decent cantonments for them or their families. Just recall those in Delhi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Bannu, Kohat and Peshawar, all built by the British! British accommodation was for humans while Nehru's was for the "animals. Recall the fate of the betrayed Infantry Brigade in NEFA in November 1962. Soldiers did not have even gloves for hands and warm socks for feet in snow to avoid snowbite and gangrene. Many died and many more had limbs amputated. Did Nehru apologise?

Nehru believed in duplicity. So he lived a lavish life style of emperors, flying round the world capitals at State expense while telling the people to live poor lives. It was decades after his death that the Indians started owning motor cars.

Nehru loved the MUSLIMS so much that he let them have one third of India for their ISLAMIC republic. His daughter was so impressed that even after capturing East Bengal she returned it to the MUSLIMS for one night binge with Shikh Mujiburrahman.

Nehru hated secularism. His daughter was so impressed that she told Mujiburrahman, "Keep ISLAM on top. My own Secularism is for my Hindu slaves only!"

Nehru was corrupt. His dynasty followed his example and made corrupton the way of life in Bharat.

Nehru hated the Hindus so much that he was never seen in the company of a Shankaracharya but always in the company of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, his constant companion. That rubbed salt in Hindu wounds, especially those MILLIONS fleeing Islamic terror in Pakistan.

Nehru hated the temples so much that the entire Hindu nation is still terrified of constructing the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. It will be another 650 years before the ONE BILLION Hindus muster guts to lay its foundation stone.

Nehru put ISLAM from Arabia above the native religions of Bharat. Hence he embraced Gamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt while avoiding all the Buddhist countries to the east and the tiny Hindu Nepal to the north.

Nehru HATED THE HINDUS BUT LOVED THE ARABS. He and his dynasty regularly cried over the Partition of Palestine and honoured Yasser Arafat many times for his patriotism while keeping SHUT over India's own Partition!

Readers will surely add more on the character, personality, treachery and treason of Nehru, the first prime minister of MUTILATED bleeding Bharat.
No one saw a moment of sadness in him thereafer over the death of Akhand Bharat. None heard the word "PARTITION" from his mouth nor saw it in his Constitution imposed on the ignorant and intimidated Hindu nation on 26 January 1950.

The Indian "COOLIE" admired the UNITED States and the UNITED Kingdom so much that he never reflected on the word "UNITED" in their titles.

He died of syphilis but his Party and Dynasty have kept the disgrace top secret from the world just like the name Feroze KHAN who seduced and married his daughter.


You said that "Nehru, was hypocrite and cunning like British politicians"
But then, to be a Politician and to be Cunning one should be intellegent enough.....
Regarding "Discovery of India" which was a copycat of the Indian History written by British, there is an important aspect about his "Discovery". Please peruse the statement hereunder:-
Sri Dhanjaya Keer, the biographer of Veera Saavarkar says in his book "Have you come across any history of India without the mention of Chitor..??? Behold, it is Nehru's Discovery of India (page-211, Veera Savarkar by Dhanayaja Keer, published by Sangam Books).
Nehru was an admirer of Akbar and Aurangzeb, People may not acceptbut it is a fact recorded by History


Nehru appeared to have been ashamed of being Hindu when he said "I am Hindu by accident".
When he said he is Muslim by culture, then it would be that he used to eat beaf.
When he said he is Christian by education, means he was hypocrite and cunning like British politicians. This is very clear from his book "Discovery of India" which was a copycat of the Indian History written by British.

He was a beloved leader during post independent period was by accident. (By the grace of media who was very much active to derogate any body who opposed JL)

It was a grave mistake of learned people of his period who blindly supported him despite of his blunders.

Relations with Tibet, USSR, China, Burma, were proved his Himalayan blunders. What to talk about forget? India cannot not forgive him.

Simlar was the case with his daughter. Who made even bigger blunders due to her shortsightedness. Allowed infiltrators in crores of numbers, converted great victory of 1971 into grave defeat under Simla pact, leave aside her scams and frauds.

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Subject: Homage to Cha Cha Nehru

SUB- Homage to Cha Cha Nehru

Today is 27th May.

It was on this day in the year 1964 that our beloved Leader, Prime Minister, Freedom fighter, Statesman Cha Cha Nehru Ji died.

It’s the duty of every ‘Indian’ to remember with reverence the contribution and sacrifices made by our first Prime Minister who gave the gift of Secularism to our ‘Nation’.

Nehru’s brand of Secularism makes our country unique in the World.

A few (just a few) glimpses in to the contributions made to India by Cha Cha Jawaharlal Nehru:-

When Nehru took over as India’s first Prime Minister, the Chiefs of Army, Air Force and Navy went to meet the Prime Minister for a courtesy call. The three Service chiefs were made to wait for an unreasonably long time (which amounted to insulting the Chiefs). When at last they met the Prime Minister, Nehru said to them:- Why should we have armed forces, it’s a waste of money. We don’t consider any country as our enemy, So nobody will attack us. We will have no need to fight.

When the first Parliament was debating budget allocations, the question of allocation for purchase Arms came up for discussion. Nehru said Why do we need Arms?

Lahore (in Punjab) Sylhet (in Bengal) were Hindu majority cities but were going to Pakistan, when some leaders protested Nehru said “A city this side or that side doesn’t matter”

Once Nehru said, I am a Muslim by Culture, a Christian by Education and a Hindu by accident (Great)

During 1940 when Muslims from East Bengal were flooding Assam as part of a conspiracy, replying to protesters Nehru simply dismissed it stating that “Nature abhors Vacuum”.

Nehru set a precedent of having Muslim Education Ministers. It has had a disastrous impact

Sardar Patel was a thorn in his flesh

Nehru was against the restoration of Somnath Mandir

Nehru did not attend Rajan Babu's funeral (the First President of the Republic of India)

Nehru abhorred Dr Rajindera Prasad, whose adherence to the Sanatan norms and values were eye-sore for Nehru

Kashmir problem is his "Gift" - bone of contention for ever. Very stupidly, without any constitutional considerations, he took the case of Kashmir to the UNO, just because of Lord Mountbatten wanted it to be so (Edwina Mountbatten too)

Nehru boasted of being above caste or religion but liked to be called 'Panditji.' Nonetheless, this very Pandit has kept Kashmir out of the 500 other princely states, and created a permanent problem for us

In the first months of 1948, during the UN hearings, the British showed where their interests lay. The original Indian complaint was completely left aside and the Security Council began adopting anti-India resolutions

Pandit Ji how can INDIA forget you,
The Hindu Nation will remember you, as long SUN and MOON shines........