Date: 13/04/2020


First question: Why Amristsar (1919)?

Baisakhi is the Sikhs’ most prominent festival when they gather in their thousands to celebrate the harvest as well as the Initiation ceremony of the Khalsa in 1699 AD.

Shrewd but unscrupulous Gandhi knew well how to use a cultural festival in Punjab for his own political use. So he gave the call to hold a big protest demonstration at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar against the British rule.

He knew that the British would brutally suppress any sign of uprising just after the end of World War 1, and there will be dead. The Sikhs fitted the bill.

The Sikhs are a spirited and freedom loving community and they would surely respond enthusiastically to Gandhi’s call. They would not worry in the least even if they faced death.

“So much the better, if they are killed,” thought Gandhi who loathed the Sikhs who rejected his “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma”. Carrying “kirpan” in the open did disturb the "Apostle of Non violence", MK Gandhi!

Second, the question:

“Why did Gandhi not call for this protest demonstration in Ahmednagar in his own Gujerat?”

We can safely assume that Gandhi knew the reason. He did not expect more than 10 Gujeratis to respond to his call when there was the prospect of army opening fire on the demonstrators. Gandhi would have looked red faced, crestfallen!

Even in 1947 Gandhi (even Sardar Patel) did not call for any public demonstration in his own Gujerat State against PARTITION, though Gujerat has now built the tallest statue of Sardar Patel. We wish we had spotted the "Sardar" in the vicinity of Mohammed Ali Jinnah in those days when millions of us were fleeing in all directions for safety!

Hence AMRITSAR, the heart of the Sikh homeland seemed the ideal place to defy the Imperial power, that had just celebrated its grand victory in World War 1.

India has no tradition of commemorating her dead as we see from the total neglect of the TWO MILLION Hindus killed in 1947. The reason? They were killed by the Muslim “children” of Gandhi and Muslim “brothers” of Jenab Jawaharlal Nehru. Even earlier, the Muslims were immaculate while the British were the biggest evil - so the strategic thinking of Dynasty and Congress Party.

Hence Jallianwala Bagh massacre was not commemorated by Gandhi until 1947.

But suddenly after Nehru took over the disgusting middle fragment of Bharat in unprecedented BLOODSHED, he urgently needed a scape goat to divert the nation’s attention and wrath from the real criminals and traitors who captured one third of India killing millions and displacing tens of millions from their homes.

Jallianwala massacre came handy in order to divert the attention of the ignorant subservient Hindu nation. The day officially became the day of NATIONAL mourning. What an irony when the ignominious surrender of Lahore and Dhaka are NOT worth the second thought!

Why did Nehru and his Congress Party do this "hat trick"? The reason was two fold. Nehru wanted the nation to forget the murders and massacres committed by his fellow Muslims. Instead, he chose the British for the nation to vent their anger.

Simple and obedient Hindus obliged. None saw through Nehru’s dishonesty to exonerate the Muslims but blame the British, portrayed as the biggest evil of all time for Bharat.

None of the slaves, sitting at the feet of dictator Nehru, asked, "How many temples have the British destroyed? How many natives have the British FORCED (upon pain of death) to embrace Christianity? How many daughters of Hindu parents have the British abducted, raped and sold, or auctioned in public?"

Now let us compare the NUMBERS killed by the Muslims and the British, and then decide as to who to commemorate on top priority.

Muslims have slaughtered TENS OF MILLIONS OF HINDUS over centuries. Yet there is NO day in Government of India’s calendar to commemorate them!

Even after “Independence” there was NO respite for the Sikhs. Maimuna Begum (deceptively called Indira Gandhi) and her son killed a HUNDRED TIMES the number of Sikhs killed on April 13, 1919. Her army and police were on the “Sikh hunt” throughout 1980’s and 1990’s and yet not a whisper of protest or commemoration anywhere! And none asks, "WHO LED THEM ASTRAY & MANIPULATED THEM TO DEATH THROUGH OFFICIAL DESIGN?"

Let us be sensible. See things in perspective, disregarding corrupt Congress Party and “dirty” Dynasty, but insist on commemorating the TWO MILLION Hindus (and Sikhs) massacred in 1947 alone who perished when Nehru and his Party BETRAYED India.

It will need COURAGE and HONESTY, both lacking in present day Bharat where the Hindus are about to be outnumbered by the Muslims who captured Lahore and East Bengal.

Emphasis on Jallianwala Bagh massacre is merely a ruse to divert the attention of the Hindus who are being manipulated to put the spotlight on the British who have gone for good, while OVERLOOKING the enemy who has captured Karachi and Lahore, and has STAYED PUT to capture Delhi, too. Britain has given new life to more than two million Indians while not one Hindu feels safe in any Islamic country.

So WHOSE victims need to be commemorated and who needs to be condemned richly?

The answer is, MUSLIMS. Emphatically, YES. The Muslims should be condemned for a THOUSAND massacres in Bharat- and they have not closed the account yet. On the contrary the Muslims intend to kill even MORE Kafirs!

The British, on the other hand, have already expressed great REGRET over Jallianwala massacre and will never again in history repeat violent aggression against either the Hindus or Bharat. Britain is a secular democracy and their nuclear bomb is not intended for Bharat like the Islamic bomb in Pakistan.

Where are the guts of Hindu leadership? Who should Bharat be condemning? The killers of Jallianwala Bagh or the Killers of Hindus in FIVE PROVINCES (Sindh, Balochistan, West Punjab, Frontier Province and East Bengal- AND BHARAT, TOO)?

Where is the AQAL of Hindu leadership?


Baisakhi 2020