Date: 15/04/2020

On Mon, Apr 13, 2020

Pakistanis forget 4 points while discussing Kashmir

(1) India is not an occupying force like America in Afghanistan, which can be ejected from the area by throwing stones or so-called aspirations of people who are directly in conflict with the aspirations of over a billion people. If people's aspirations cannot be suppressed by force,
they won't be suppressed by throwing stones or making noise by UN or human rights groups with a dubious record in other parts of the world either.

Hindus have been living in Kashmir for thousands of years and any alien ideology imported from the desert cannot lay claim on this area in the name of human rights. Did Pakistan support the Israeli occupation of Palestine on the same grounds?

(2) If 180 million Muslims can live in peace and prosperity enjoying equal rights in the rest of India, it should be good for 9 million Kashmiri Muslims too. There is nothing more Kashmiris can hope to get either in Pakistan or as an independent nation, which they are not getting presently
in a democratic India which is economic and military powerhouse.

(3) if India is not supposed to change status in Kashmir as it is a UN listed disputed territory, how come Pakistan changed status of Gilgit Baltistan and how it handed over part of it to China? If it was kosher then for Pakistan, it is OK for India.

(4) If Kashmir is unfinished agenda of partition of India on the religious ground, then a total exchange of population unfinished agenda for Hindus.

Can Pakistan afford to take 180 million Indian Muslims? Every government in New Delhi knows that the solution will not remain confined to only Kashmir and there will be serious consequences for Muslims in the rest of India. The question is whether they want to safeguard human rights of 9 million Kashmiri Muslims or endanger the welfare and safety of 180 million Muslims spread all over India. Common sense tells you what will be the policy choice for New Delhi. No world community or UN can pressurise India where its very survival is at stake. Can the UN take guarantee for the safety of 180 million Muslims and ensure their safe passage to Pakistan? Given the cost-benefit ratio, we have to opt for the lesser evil and crush Kashmiri movement with an iron fist on
humanitarian grounds, as the alternative scenario is equal to nuclear holocaust. It is time for Kashmir and Pakistan to forget Kashmir and move on. Or commit political, economic, military suicide.

If Pakistan sticks out its neck for please the 'ghairat Brigade' or comedians calling for Gazwa-E-Hind the jugular vein will be slit.

Threatening nuclear war every now and then will be counter-productive and the world community will bankrupt Pakistan and cap - roll back and confiscate its Nuke capability and dismantle the nation with only nuisance value into 4 pieces. The Choice is of Pakistan on which path they want to go. Time is running out on it. It will take no time for India to bring all your gang of 'Rehmatullah Elehea" to their senses..

This is not the 7th century and a sizeable section of India is itching to teach you a lesson.