Date: 15/04/2020

Kashmir Update :: J&K Govt and its Secretariat's recent decisions

1. Five Lakh Hindu-Sikh Families became Jammu & Kashmir Domiciles.

2. All Perks /Facilities "withdrawn" from Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba.

3. Kashmir Government to lose Control over all Universities Including
Jammu & Kashmir National Law University.

4. Kashmir Government to lose Control Over Hindu Shrines.

5. Competent Authority empowered to take Suo Moto Notice and evict
"encroachers" from properties Hindus left behind within Kashmir In 1990.

6. Kashmir Government lost Control over all Golf and other Clubs In J&K.

7. Role of Kashmir CM In University affairs reduced to Zero.

8. Legal Protection granted to Anti- Nationals In J&K 42 Years ago is "revoked".

Now those Facing Public Safety Act, 1978, can be put In any Jail outside J&K which was not the case earlier.

No Secretariat move, for now, from Jammu to Kashmir.

Secretariat will continue to function in Jammu only.