Date: 18/04/2020

A Dangerous Threat for Hinduu Bhaarat

Hinduu culture and Hinduu way of life is in danger. The jihadi followers of the pedophile prophet don't care for india. We don't want this pedophile bandit's ideology in our country. because india is Ved Bhumi, Pithr Bhumi.

Semitic religions are under-developed tamasic religions, ill suited for the modern age. Both Safiya's and Rayhana's husbands were killed barely a few hours before the prophet's sexual intercourse with them.

The prophet is one of the most- evil personalities in human history. Islam is basically an imperial movement and not a spiritual tradition. In fact, Islam has nothing to do with spirituality. Islam is also an ultra Narcisistic death cult, in which eternal hedonism in afterlife forms an integral part.

All Hinduus and Buddhists must unite to protect and preserve our Vedic heritage and Indic culture
The Islamic agenda to destroy Hinduu india

Here you’ll find some of the facts and how it is related:

1) Exactly 6 and a half months after the 1992 demolition, prominent Islamic leaders of the world met in Kuala Lumpur (on the 16th of July 1993, National Mosque Complex, Jalan Perdana, Tasik Perdana, KL,) to discuss the next course of action for growing Islam and effectively destroying Hinduu culture in the entire Indian subcontinent. They formed a committee of Islamic scholars to identify weak links in Hinduu society and Indian culture to come up with a robust plan to conquer India to make her Islamic.

2) Islamic committee created solely to form the strategy to conquer India outlined that – "India has been the toughest country in the history to conquer permanently by any ruler. British, Portuguese, and French had tried to break Hinduu society of their historic caste system for monarchies gain but still could not achieve sustained control of the land. Their rule was eventually overturned by the continued resistance of the powerful Hinduu community. So what do we do next? How to use tried and tested DIVIDE and CONQUER policy and on WHOM?

Here is an excerpt translated from the files – "The Indian state is the fundamental obstacle in the formation of an Islamic India. Islam has governed ancient India for one thousand years. Hence in that respect, it is every Muslims religious objective to bring that Islamic land under the flag of Islam, under the rule of Tahweed (the oneness of God)".

3) Since caste or the ancient Varna system did not work well and was not a viable solution, the next best possible strategy was to reach the core of Hinduuism. What is that then? Nothing but dividing Hinduu Women and Men within their community to create hard differences of opinions in their family and society. History has repeatedly shown us this strategy to destroy a community and in fact an entire civilization

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Why should we die for somebody else's shit religion and dumb shit ideology?

Islam itself is an organized criminal syndicate. It operates just like a mafia. If the prophet was alive today, he would be sitting in a cell, right next to Charles Manson and Ted Bundy. The rascal cast an evil eye on his own daughter-in-law. He forced his son to divorce her so that he could marry her. It is simply because Zaynab walked into his tent with semi-transparent dress, which he couldn't resist. He also beheaded 15- year old Rayhana's husband and raped her the same night. He was 57 years old at that time. The prophet lusted for money, power and women. He also divorced 4 women, of the total 15 women he married.

More than 8 centuries of Islamic rule in India drenched the lives of millions of Hindus in blood, destroyed the Hindu Temples, desecrated Hindu Gods, raped Hindu women, confiscated the Hindu lands and forced Hindus to pay Jizya taxes. History cannot be ignored. It should serve as guide. It helps to know the history to make right decisions and how to handle the situations.

Condition of Hinduus in Muslim majority areas of Bhaarat

In Malapuram Kerala Hinduu is in Danger. Malapuram Kerala, is densely populated by Muslim radicals. Kerala State authorities has given special status for the area. If a Hinduu want to sell his house in Mallapuram, he has to sell his house only to local Muslims. The cost will be decided by the Muslim community. It is another Pakistan initiated and encouraged by the Left and the Congress (the UDF and the LDF)

In Tamilnadu also one area in Vellore District - Mel Visharam - is also a mini Pakistan. Local body meeting is conducted in Urdu. Post office and Bank names are in Urdu. The local Mel Visharam Municipal body won’t give water to three locations populated by Hinduus. No power will be given to Hinduu families.... the condition is still continuing there. This was supported by DMK and ADMK for vote. Both eyeing for Muslim vote in the area.

Another area is near Charminar. You can’t go and ask for water tax, electricity bill payment, House tax.... if you asked you won’t come back. They have not paid these to the local bodies since independence.

A Serious Muslim threat - Danger to Hinduu india

Kashmiri pandits have been systematically killed and pushed out of the valley ever since the Jihadists launched intifada on non-Muslims. You should see the Hinduu pandits in refugee camps in Delhi and the conditions in which they live. They are refugees in their own country. In Pakistan, hundreds of Hinduu girls and Christian girls are kidnapped every year and forcibly married to Muslims.

For hundreds of years, Muslim armies would raid towns and villages, kill all adults and kidnap the children who would be sold into slavery. For hundreds of years, deep in the Islamic world there was a huge illegal child-sex trade going on. You have no idea what kind of speeches are made in mosques and masjids. The speeches are full of hatred and poison against the non-believers. Islamic clerics openly tell their followers to cheat, lie and kill infidels. Muslim imams openly tell their followers that they live in enemy country and they should keep to themselves.

Please take a look at this link below to get an understanding,


From: Swami Guhananda. Sent: March 22, 2020

Those who can recall the massacres of 1947 know that the limitless & bottomless hatred inculcated by Koran in the hearts & minds of the Muslims towards the non -Muslims, especially Hindus, is beyond belief. The separatist, intolerant & highly indoctrinated fundamentalist Muslim community was kept back in Partitioned India where they were absolved of High Treason in an instant.
Indian Muslims "cheated" us - Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel - They voted for a separate State "Pakistan" but still kept staying in Hinduushan



Truth Behind Delhi Riots - EXPOSED | MUST WATCH | Save The Nation


Must the Hindu nation be "forced" by their own Constitution to tolerate "tableegh"? Earlier we saw Dr Zakir Naik OPENLY convert the Hindus to Islam in huge gatherings of Muslims. Please see the word "tablighi". It means "conversions / spreading Islam". Should the Muslims be allowed to proselytize in a PARTITIONED Hindu country when NO Hindu dare commend his own "dharma" anywhere in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan?

If he as a CM can openly state the truth about Saha rukh Khan and Muslims, why Hindus, specially educated Hindus, are scared to state this openly? And protest about this issue?
--- Major General V S Karnik - ; Fri, Apr 3, 2020

राहुल गाँधी के मुस्लमान होने का सबूत



Ambedkar on Muslims: are they Anti-National? | Prakhar Shrivastava | Capital TV

Tablighi Jamaat should be banned in India | Capital TV

"The word "tablighi" "conversions / spreading Islam". Should the Muslims be allowed to proselytize in a PARTITIONED Hindu country when NO Hindu dare commend his own "dharma" anywhere in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan?"--Rajput

Make is strictly illegal for Muslims to spread hatred against others, mainly Hinduus. Immediately shut down any Church or Mosque that does not comply. These foreign religions keep on converting large number of Hinduus. After conversion of Hinduus, Muslims brainwash them so aggressively that those converted Hindus hate Hindus with every bone in their body for generations.

And still you trust the Koran and its ordinances...…



krishenkak@gmail.com; April 1, 2020

Corona exposed the Communal face of Tablighi Jihadis. We have to combat the Corona virus and Communal virus both.

Islam is about brain washing young males and using these Zombies to oppress women and attack all around, especially non-Muslims. The main victims of Islam remains Muslims themselves.
The solution is: a. to explain Islam to all without mincing words, b. not to let youngsters brain washed, c. not to divide world into believers and Kafirs, d. not let Sharia rule and e. carry stout Lathis on the side for security.

World should unite and learn from China how to deal with this global menace of Islam.
Pakistan used to have 25% Hindus. Now it is 2%. Rest? Chased, beaten, raped, forcibly converted, terrorized away. Pakistan constitution discriminates by religion, and school text book teaches against non-Muslims. Bangladesh used to have 33%. Now it is 7%, Same story here. Afghanistan used to be a Buddhist nation. Today, there are 0%. Taliban even destroyed Bamiyan Buddha.

Al Taubah (9 – 29): Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last day, nor hold the forbidden which have been forbidden by Allah and his messenger, nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth from among the People of the Book, until they pay the Jaziyah with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.

Al Haj (22 - 19 & 22 – 23): Garments of fire have been prepared for the unbelievers. Scalding water shall be poured upon their heads, melting their skins and that which is in their bellies. They shall be lashed rods of iron. Whenever, in their anguish, they try to escape from Hell, back they shall be dragged, and will be told: "Taste the torment of the Conflagration!"

केरल के गवर्नर आरिफ मोहम्मद खान LIVE
यदि आरिफ महम्मद खान जैसा मुसलनमान है तो वह पारसीयोंकी तरह आदरणीय है.

इस विडियोको देखिये. और कहीये कि क्या ये मुस्लिम विद्वान जूठ बोल रहा है?

क्या सच बोलनेवाला मुस्लिम आगे आयेगा? हिन्दु उनका आदर करेंगे.


On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 vinod karnik wrote:

Some people have suggested weapons (a) Secularism (b) all religion are same (c) Ahimsa parmo dharma, (d) Athithi Devo Bhav and (e)world is one family

1 have been always against (i) secularism (ii) Vasudev Kutukakam--world is one family (iii) Athiti Devo Bhav--Guest and (v) Ahinsa parmo dharm—Non-violence is the best policy. I strongly feel that these are NOT to be practiced in the present circumstances/environment by Hindus. I have been propagating NOT to practice, these, by Hindus. Practices of these, are dangerous for Hindus. If practiced, this will help our enemies

a. Secularism is European medicine against Christianity. It is not for us Hindus because our Dharma and culture are inherently respectful to all faiths and ideologies that are respectful to our dharma and culture. Additionally, the Vedic is universal religion form mankind. Therefore, we need to make Bhaarat a Vedic State, not "secular."

b. No. All religions are not same. But all the Vedic paths lead to the same destination. We must stop lying.

c. Atithi devo bhava, only after we verify the atithi is not Hindus' enemy. The time has changed, so we need to check it.

d. World is one family. Yes, but that does not mean we tolerate adharmis and asuric people's adharma.


Principles and philosophy are useless if they do not survive. Only archaeologists will be interested in your principles. Why not read Mahabharat for a change? Why Karna was killed setting aside principles? What was the lesson Lord Krishna wanted to give Hinduus. Missing this very important lesson changed the history and destiny of Bhaarat. While dealing with the evil, one has to set aside principles. Hinduus are committing the same blunder of Arjuna which was over-ruled by Krishna.

The difficulty is that these Abrahamic religions are based on blind faith in their Gods and prophets while Hindus are having their principles and philosophy.

vasant sardesai; On Tuesday, 31 March, 2020

A Muslim is a Muslim, is a Muslim FIRST.

A Muslim is a Muslim, is a Muslim FIRST. Except for a very handful of Indian Muslims who are patriotic, almost all Indian Muslims have a soft corner for Pakistan.

QURAN is the epicenter of all Terror and hate against Non-believers viz Non-Muslims. Quran, as per Winston Churchill is as rabid to Non-Muslims as rabies to dogs. Muslims are strongly urged to subscribe and adhere to "KALMA", the brotherhood to all Muslims and hate other Non-Muslims. To a Muslim, his loyalty comes First to his religion and never to the country which has given them food, and shelter. He is thus more wedded to his religion and neither to the safety nor security of the country of his domicile. Muslims are in India, after the formation of Pakistan, NOT because of their Love for India but because of economic compulsion which could not take them to Pakistan, (and also our great leaders BEGGED to stay in India). India was a new "Heaven" for Muslims. Then they multiplied. The Muslim population grows by leaps and bounds, and now they want more concession, facilities and special consideration.

In the heart of heart, every Muslim has good feelings for his co-religionists and "hate & intolerance" towards other religions and followers of other religions.

---Maj Gen Karnik(Retd); Tue, 7 Apr 2020

Hinduus should Social boycott of Muslims. like boycott Iftar parties, Muslim festivals, anti Indian movies made by Muslims, films in which anti Indian Muslim actor act etc.

Hinduus should have video conferences, with relative, friends and others, to apprise about our ancient culture, our religion, our correct history, Dharma, how to fight modern oppressors and against idea of Gazva –E- Hind. Let’s use it to educate ignorant Hinduus.