Date: 23/04/2020


When three sadhus were lynched by mobs in Maharashtra the other day it reminded us of a certain Sadhu CENTURIES AGO at Naded in Maharashtra who remained in samadhi most the time.

At the time when there was no job guarantee and the rulers were (literally) butchers, many young men decided to embark upon the safest career on earth. "One cannot be robbed if one possesses nothing!", was their logic.

MK Gandhi, too, had the same defeatist mindset. "Give them LAND and buy peace. They seem angry and threatening. Don't challenge them. They will KILL you all!", so went Gandhi's reasoning to chant "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" round the clock. As a result one third of his revered Bharat Mata disappeared from the map. Millions of Hindus were killed or forced to flee for safety and thousands of girls were abducted, raped, killed or forcibly married to produce more "Mohammeds".

The story of one sadhu's transformation into a warrior over three hundred years ago ought to be inspiration for all the sadhus and sants in Bharat today.

There may be over a million Sadhus in Bharat at present but they can be killed one by one by the enemies of Hindu dharma. These enemies are not invisible or even unknown! There is a memsahib from Italy and she can hardly wish the Hindus well. The demoralised impoverished native (Hindu) fools touch her feet and call her "Rashtramata"! Then there are those who captured our Lahore and have eyes on Delhi! "Lok Sabha of the Defeated" does not wish to know about both these enemies. So there is every likelihood that they will succeed in their goals again.

The story of the sadhu who became a match for the Hindu-killer rulers is not to be found in school books in Bharat since the Sarkar does not wish the Hindus to take up arms in order to defend their "DHARTI" and Bharat's "DAUGHTERS".

When Guru Gobind Singh ji was travelling through Maharashtra he heard of a great sadhu who had a large following. The "shastar-dhari" Guruji met him. The sadhu immediately knew that "here was a man of great charisma, courage and inspiration!"

Guru Gobind Singhji said to him, "Aurangzeb is determined to wipe out Hindu dharma from Bharat. He does not eat his evening meal unless "sawa lac" Hindus are converted daily. It is no time for anyone to enjoy the luxury of detachment and pseudo-secularism when thousands of Hindus are being converted by force and their daughters are "game" for the Moguls."

"Become a WARRIOR. Pick up the SWORD and go NORTH where the demography is rapidly changing in Punjab and Kashmir."

The sadhu, named Banda BAIRAAGI became the follower of Guruji who gave him a new name, "BANDA SINGH BAHADUR" and gave him his blessings.

Banda Singh Bahadur succeeded in inspiring thousands more who picked up SWORDS and followed him into battle. His first task was to raze the town of Sarhind, where the two little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji had been entombed alive for refusing to embrace Islam, to earth.

Will the schools in Bharat include the story of "TRANSFORMATION of THE WEAK & VULNERABLE SADHU WHO BECAME A WARRIOR" in their syllabus?

Will the ("coolie") MEDIA in Bharat publish it in all those States where sadhus are being lynched or beaten to death in broad daylight by CONGRESS Party goons and the "kafir hater" followers of Mohammed?

It is for the sadhus in intimidated lawless Bharat to decide whether to "live on alms" (free food donated by people), or to ARM THEMSELVES like the citizens of the United States whose "DHARTI" & DAUGHTERS are perfectly safe from Muslim PREDATORS & Marxist RABBLE.

24 April 2020