TWO SADHUS MURDERED IN Bulsndsher, UP after three were lynched in Maharashtra.

Date: 28/04/2020


RE: TWO SADHUS MURDERED IN Bulsndsher, UP after three were lynched in Maharashtra.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Special personal attention to Dear Sri Modi and Sri Yogi,


This is probably the most serious issue that even peaceful Saddhus are beaten to death inside the temple and the wicked news media still playing games.

It has much higher conspiracy and without your personal involvement, like Bhagwan Sri Ram used to visit the town in the guise to a common person, the investigation will be closed by a simple reason that the murderer was under the influence of the drug.

Please read inside over 450 India's top scientists and Technologists have been mysteriously murdered and no clue except police has shown in all murdered cases either suicidal or accident when the truth is that they all were murdered under the Covert Operations.

So who paid a large sum of monies for hush-hush to immoral feelingless investigators (DESH DROHIES?

A country cannot run smoothly if the law is not doing an honest investigation but has made a profitable underhand business out of it.

Millions of people are looking for jobs, why not clean up the entire TERMITED system and hire the honest patriots who can live within the salaries, rather always spreading hands?

After living in the USA for more than a half Century, yet we have not come across any corrupt official.

Why corruption still continues when Modi Ji had promised to stop it on his election agenda?

How long Hindus will continue to be promised falsely when the leaders must go like a wildfire to catch culprits?

Hindus expect now the answer by your righteous action in the investigation of murders of Sadhus in the temple compound.

Atomic energy Dr. Bhabha and great India's Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri were killed by the covert operations and it is now the open fact, admitted by those committed the heinous crimes on the greatest assets of Ma-Bharti.

It is time that good meaningful leaders must take control on this investigation personally, rather leaving it on the Investigators, WHO ARE TERRIBLY TERMITED THROUGH UNDERHAND BENEFITS. Sri Ajit Doval must be assigned right away.

Sri Modi and Sri Yogi, the proper investigation will give strength to BJP. That is what we perceive!

Thank you

On behalf of Acharyaji

Jai Sri Krishn



The investigation will not be able to find the true motive. There are much bigger conspirators who have paid money. Nobody goes to temple to simply murder Sadhus, just like that, for no.apparent reason.

There is a motive behind it and involved some hateful criminals, even anti-India political parties to create sensational news.

Because this murderer's name is reported with a different name in another news media than Raju reported in the link provided below.

2nd. Name mentioned here is Hindu, is he truly a Hindu or a Muslim or a converted to Islam or Christianity?


3rd. There are many badmash(s) that have been converted either to Islam or Christianity and they are asked to go after Hindu Sadhus.

IN DELHI Islamic Jamaat had 15 Muslims, yet keeping Hindu names among 3,000 Muslims assembled to spread Coronavirus.

Many Muslims are known to have Raju name.

WARNING TO WICKED NEWS MEDIA: Boys, keep on playing dirty with your motherland by never reporting favorable news for the nation-building, rather find 100 of lies to deceive and cheat the majority by twisted news.

Wicked news media boys, your position is like junkyard dogs always barking just because junkyard owners have thrown some bones.

Anti-India newsmedia Idiots, your family, daughters, and sons' future is at stake for not exposing the entire truth.

WAKE UP LEADERS - this is the best time to find the guilty party behind this ruthless murder.

Never heard that a Hindu would kill two peaceful Sadhus ruthlessly with so much vengeance inside the temple!
OR Lynched three Sadhus in Maharashtra. There has to be a much bigger conspiracy.

Wicked newsboys, stop appeasing nonsensical business of pleasing criminals and give the complete news, "who actually hired this murderer?"

Just like Sonia had hired four converted Christian Murderers to kill Shankra right inside the temple sanctum of Kanchipuram and accused the murder on Shankracharya.

rather constantly proving your point:

Even the most stupid person can very well visualize that if Shankracharya had hired to murder Shankra, who will be a much bigger fool to expect those hired murderer hands to murder Shankra right inside the temple of Kanchipuram in front of Shankracharya, including devotees and staff?

Sonia got Shankracharya arrested for murdering Shankra who was a Brahmin of the temple.

Guess, what she planned thereafter to torture Shankracharya in the hands of a cruel Christian converted SP, still with a Hindu name. Sonia had transferred this tough Christian converted SP from another town who wad very harsh on Shankracharya.

The jail where Shankracharya was taken, Sonia had got a cruel Christian converted SP of Police with a Hindu name. He mishandled the case with a lot of vengeance.

"The Hindu" newspaper was reporting in favor of all manipulative schemes of treacherous Sonia, whatever, she was trying to defame the character of Shankracharya of Kanchipuram.

There is definitely a much bigger hand behind the ruthless beating of Sadhus.

It definitely needs to require to go to the bottom of the case and you will find the much bigger link.

It is very essential to catch the real conspirators now.

Police may be paid by those who had hired this murderer.

So it is time Yogi and Modi do not trust any longer those who are easily bought over a few pennies.

They must have some strong Hindu patriots to go after this criminal to investigate, like in Guantanamo prison.

Sri Modi and Sri Yogi must only depend upon their honest trusted patriots.

Modi and Yogi, even High Court Judge in Bombay cleared the case of Salman Khan within two days just right after he was given five years prison by the lower court for overrunning his automobile on pedestrians that had killed two and injured many under the influence of alcohol.

To an appeal in any High Court, it takes 5-6 months just to hear your case after the first filing.

How is it possible for the High Court to free Salman Khan for killing two pedestrians and wounded many within two days after the Lower Court of Bombay had ordered his sentence in jail for five years. THINK.

So the termiteg of corruption has already reached to top of the roof.

So dear Modi and Yogi, therefore, your honesty can not work with total dishonest system unless you are personally involved by appointing honest veer Desh-Bhakt putras of Ma-Bharti to find the actual link behind this murderer?

In the early part of 2018, the similar incident took place in Dwarka, Delhi (except he was later saved) where during Sunday Bhagavad-Gita's lecture and meditation singing on OM, some converted Christians entered from the back door with sticks and beat the devotee of Bhagwan Sri Krishn on his head, during the lecture. He was on the death bed and took over six months to partial.recovery.

Police in the area was involved and later had said, "Sorry," after the incident was reported to Thanedar of the area."

Dear Sri Modi/Sri Yogi, it is time to look deeper, rather leave the investigation on the local police if you truly want to go to the bottom of the case.

Once you find those who had paid money to hired hand murderer, name Raju, to brutally killed two Hindu Sadhus, then hang that entire gang behind this murderer.

Do not trust the court and local police as the whole system is termited up to the roof of India.

SRI Modi/Yogi fumigate all these termites boys lost in dishonesty and bribes.

Please understand the termite is still catching very fast under your governance - under your watchful eyes.

So please listen to the real solution that you cannot tackle the honest investigation with the entire termited infected boys who must be already waiting to get some underhand big amount to twist the report, without going deeper to find bigger culprits...just like many top Indian Scientists and Technologists (450 plus) from Atomic Energy, Space research, etc., murdered, yet police have simply labeled suicidal or accident. This means millions of dollars had been fed in tarnishing the true investigation.

Sri Modi / Sri Yogi, your personal involvement is extremely essential that is what all meaningful Hindus will like you to do.