Date: 29/04/2020

When India was getting its Independence, most of the Hindus at that time thought soon we would continue with the excellence of Ancient India like in the Gupta Era.

The spirit among them was quite jubilant. The members of the framers of the constitution and resulting cabinet came from top echelon of the society. The spirit with which the Banaras Hindus University was established is another proof that India was committed to the excellence.

However, British knew about the divisions within the Indian society although the Gupta Era also had similar composition. The Nalanda University in India was started after the Christians burned down the Alexandria University which was famous for its excellence. Navratnas decorated the Rajya Durbar then.

Jinnah and Ambedkar not friends of each other but never went to Jail as far as I remember. Jinnah and Muslims got separate Pakistan and also more than proportionate say in Free India also.

Just look at the standards of present India and that of the Congress Party; Rahul Gandhi’s qualifications – everyone knows as that of Sonia Gandhi. Condition of schools and universities need not be discussed. Large number of parliamentarians have criminal record.

People of excellence are running for cover – large majority have been banished from states of UP, Bihar and Bengal which are supplying migrant labor to other states - these states produced leaders like Nehru, Rajendra Prasad, Netajee, JP and many others.

When the industries are leaving China – India is not able to attract these industries because it continues on a random path where the requirement is high order in the society. No one invests in a chaotic society.

Those acquiring excellence have migrated to USA and are showing up as the chiefs of leading global companies which utilize their talents. They are able to shine in USA not in India.

If India wants to reach the excellence of the past then it has to honor its talents and utilize them like the Gupta kings did in the case of navratnas and Aryabhatta.