Date: 30/04/2020

Dear all,

Please see BELOW details of persecution of the HINDUS in Pakistan and of the Sikhs in Afghanistan. Is it not known that Pakistanis are INDIAN Muslims and the Afghans used to be brave who protected the minorities among them?

Going though the post below it appears that the "Islamic" miracle has become "SAND" and the Pakistani COWARDS are bent upon taking their FRUSTRATION out on the helpless Hindu minority. The "jackals" wish to feel brave by killing and converting the helpless and WEAK Hindu minority who cannot retaliate.

The MORONS cannot comprehend the simple fact that the religion of Hindus was born in Bharat and they will STICK TO IT like limpets. They will resist and FIGHT. The IDENTICAL scenario would be IF the Hindu occupiers of Mecca went about threatening the residents there, "BECOME HINDU OR LOSE YOUR HEAD!"

Hindu Dharma in Pakistan (formerly INDIA till 1947) is "tied" to the SOIL whereas ISLAM came from ARABIA, hence totally ALIEN in the whole of Pakistan. It is totally different and at odds with the ancient Indian CIVILIZATION that is NATIVE. The whole world is invited to see the bad behaviour of those who are flaunting their IMPORTED Scriptures and religion in front of the proud NATIVES of soil who are DEFENDING their precious spiritual inheritance like wounded tigers, to the last drop in their bodies. For very good reasons they REJECT Islam. They have never boasted that the LAST PROPHET of God was born in Hindusthan in 1469. IT IS OBVIOUS TO THE WHOLE WORLD except those who are "blind and bigoted". And the entire mankind, that calls God "Almighty", also understand that God can send even MORE prophets down to earth!

Furthermore, do the Pakistanis not understand that in BHARAT their fellow Muslims are living free of fear. NOBODY is abducting their daughters and nobody is forcing them, UPON PAIN OF DEATH, to convert, or send their "ISLAM" back to the desert from where it came, and embrace Hindu Dharma! So why this rotten treatment of the Hindus in Pakistan? WILL IT NOT CAUSE REACTION IN BHARAT?
We need to find out the answer to this question.

Now to Afghanistan. The Afghans are BRAVE and FEARLESS. We have seen how they took on both NATO and the AMERICANS for the last 40 years. The brave offer security to the minorities. They are real "lions" on this earth. Hindus and Sikhs used to live there happily. In 1947 when facing massacres in the newly created Pakistan, many Hindu / Sikh FAMILIES went to Afghanistan. They found peace. They found the Afghans assuring them of safety. They found the Afghans behaving like the "lions".

So how and why have some Afghans now turned so vicious and full of hatred, the characteristics or COWARDS, that they are going against the grain of their own ancestors by killing the Sikhs and terrifying the Hindus?
We need to find out the answer to this question.