Farage warns of an invasion

Date: 12/05/2020

Farage warns of an invasion as record numbers of migrants reach British shores
By ARTHUR LYONS 12 May 2020

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Nigel Farage, the chief architect of the Brexit campaign and former UKIP leader, has warned the British people of the “beginning of an invasion” after more than 300 illegal migrants were caught crossing the English Channel over “Victory in Europe” weekend.

In total, eight boats carrying 145 migrants were intercepted by the UK Border Force before being ferried back to Britain on Friday, marking a new daily record. Saturday saw 82 migrants intercepted on the British side of the Channel, while French authorities claimed to have prevented 77 migrants from crossing over the weekend.

Throughout the entirety of the weekend which marked the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe, a total of 304 migrants were caught by French and British authorities, Kent Online reports.

Of those who were intercepted, over 220 reached England with the assistance of British border authorities. The vast majority of the migrants claimed to be from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Syria. Unsurprisingly, most were men.

“On a day of national celebration we are being humiliated on the South Coast,” Farage wrote. “As I have predicted, a record number of illegal immigrants have been taken into Dover. All along the coast there are many more.”

“This is the beginning of an invasion,” Farage warned.
Farage, who believes that a substantial portion of the crossing go undetected, contends that the actual number of migrants who’ve reached British shores is more than likely much higher than has been reported.

Earlier this month, British police issued a warning to Farage after he reported on a migrant boat arriving in Dover, urging him to follow “essential travel” rules that have been put in place during the Wuhan coronavirus crisis. In a post on Twitter, Farage slammed the UK Border Force, writing: “The Border Force is supposed to protect our borders, not be a taxi service for illegal immigrant.”

Nigel Farage


I witnessed first hand our Border Force acting as a taxi service for illegal migrants in Dover this morning. This scandal continues and people have got every right to be angry about it.

08:26 - 4 May 2020
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