Date: 31/05/2020


Dear Sir,

Kindly convey this letter to the Hon’ble Mayor of London, or those in authority who will be deciding on the campaign to erect the statue of Mr Mohamed Ali Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan, in London.

I believe that some wealthy Pakistanis wish to erect the statue in London to project Mr Jinnah as one of history’s most distinguished men. I respectfully submit that theirs is an unwise move.

Though more than 70 years have passed since the crude & illogical division of India (Partition), the truth about Mr Jinnah’s TREASONOUS action cannot be swept under the carpet.

Mr Jinnah was born in secular, tolerant, liberal and multi-faith India. He was the citizen of India by birth. The country nourished him, educated him and enabled him to be a successful barrister-at-law. He was supposed to be loyal to India since it is universally understood that the first loyalty of a citizen is to the land of his birth.

Mr Jinnah was expected to be loyal to the land of his birth, that is, India. Therefore his demand to break up, divide or partition India, destroying her peace and unity, and the affinity among various Faiths, Beliefs & Religions living in that multi-cultural, multi-faith country, amounted to High Treason.

Suggesting RELIGION (Islam) as the ONLY criterion to divide an ancient land of many religions, faiths and ideologies like India was incomprehensible. How primitive, even crude it was, to suddenly hear in 1947, “This town has 51% Muslims. So it goes to Pakistan!” And, “This village has 51% Hindus. So, off to India!”? Where was SANITY? Where were HUMAN RIGHTS?

No one should approve of breaking up a country on the sole criterion of religion. What about the ethnicity, economy, demography, geo-political considerations, layout of rivers and mountains, and the DIGNITY and HAPPINESS of the followers of all other religions if one of them is allowed to dominate and overwhelm the others?

When Lahore was allocated to Pakistan on August 17, 1947, the lamps in all the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and atheist homes in the city went out and darkness came in. The Non-Muslims perished, “Auschwitz, Birkenau & Dachau” style, within days when the lawless Muslim killer mobs took to streets! (“Freedom at Midnight” by Larry Collins & Dominique Lapierre {ISBN: 9780006388517}).

The community that suffered the most were the hard working, proud and loyal Sikhs who bore ill will to no one. They lost their farms, factories, businesses, homes and even their major holy shrines (gurdwaras) including the one at the birth place of Guru Nanak Dev that was (and is) to the Sikhs (and the countless Hindu devotees) as sacred as Mecca is to the Muslims. Yet Mr Jinnah, blinded by his zeal, did not feel the sentiments of the Sikhs worldwide, and the grievous psychological hurt to them, in perpetuity!

Secularism has always been under threat by fundamentalism. We see this in Ireland, and we see this in Kashmir, Egypt, Thailand and the Philippines. By Mr Jinnah’s criterion Northern Ireland ought to go to Eire, and Kashmir should go to Pakistan! And, we ask, "What will happen when Muslim numbers outpace the rest in Lancashire or Scotland? Will they, too, suddenly go under the Constitution called “The Koran”?"

Mr Jinnah cannot be honoured by placing his statue in London. That DISTINCTION must be reserved for someone, the future Messiah, who will UNDO Mr Jinnah’s irresponsible, crude & rebellious evil act (Partition of India) and speak up for UNITING India in the borders of 1947 with the frontier again at Khyber Pass.

Today’s borders cut through the provinces of Punjab, Bengal and Assam, separating the communities living across them for the last millennia. I am convinced that the genius of the native people, combined with a sense of fairness & patriotism, will eventually prevail, in order to restore the borders where they historically and logically belong.

Of course, there will be wars, nuclear explosions and death of tens of millions of innocent citizens in South Asia till the borders get back where they stood in 1947 when suddenly a crude intolerant Islamic strike threw them asunder.

Mr Jinnah, as an intelligent barrister, ought to have foreseen the GENOCIDE of the Hindus and Sikhs in the initial months of Pakistan’s birth. In the event, the foundation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was the "blood & bones of the millions slaughtered, and the cries and curses of the hundreds of thousands of girls and women who were forcibly abducted, dragged out of their homes, and raped and gang raped, and those who were made to force-walk, stripped naked, through towns."

Countless homes were set on fire, in some instances with women and children inside. All those victims (including the Muslims of Bihar who migrated to East Pakistan and again from there to Karachi in Sindh!) were betrayed by Mr Jinnah as well as the Muslims left back in the REST of India. Ironically their number is MORE than the number of those who went to Pakistan! Was it not to be expected that those who stayed back will constantly suffer from guilt, being labelled “Pakistanis”, and feel insecure and restless?

Why did Mr Jinnah not suggest TRANSFER OF POPULATION in order to ”liberate” ALL the Muslims from the "yoke & tyranny" of secular India? That would have saved millions from death on either side of the new borders.

Mr Jinnah’s act showed the whole world the true nature of a Muslim’s core loyalty- that it is to Islam, NOT to the land of birth. Those who want to erect Mr Jinnah’s statue in London, can also be considered the ones whose basic loyalty is not to this country but to their religion.

Mr Jinnah hurt all the Non-Muslims of the sub continent who cry, “Bharat Mata”, i.e., Mother India. Metaphorically speaking, Mr Jinnah dismembered a leg (West Punjab) and an arm (East Bengal) of the “Lady” called India in which he himself was born! Can the INDIAN Muslims, who swear loyalty to India every day, praise Mr Jinnah and appreciate his High Treason? They, too, feel betrayed by him by not thinking of their fate in post Partition secular India where they have lived happily for centuries!

Mr Jinnah’s Pakistan has RUINED the peace in three countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bharat) and also destroyed them economically if we look at the huge expense of maintaining the THREE separate armed forces that are trained to fight one another! The PAKISTANIS may one day drop nuclear bombs on India, killing millions of Hindus as well as their fellow Muslims, by destroying Delhi and Mumbai like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The catalyst can be Kashmir, or Hindu-Muslim civil war, both being the direct after-effects of Partition!

With regard to economic ruin, the best proof is the ongoing militancy in Kashmir that has “killed” the lucrative tourist trade completely. The older generation of Britons can still recall their summer vacations spent in the Valley, sleeping in “shikaras” (house boats), sailing on Dal Lake, and trekking through the mountains! That paradise was turned into Hell ‘by design’ when Mr Jinnah took the oath of Office as the Governor General of the Pakistan on August 14, 1947.

Mr Jinnah ought to have foreseen that his Pakistan, founded on fundamentalist intolerant Islam, will indoctrinate millions in "madrassas", send suicide bombers out to countries as far apart as Afghanistan, India, UK and USA, to kill the innocent. It was for this reason that the USA labelled Pakistan a “terrorist State”.

Mr Jinnah’s demand not only divided India crudely but also destroyed the unity of the Indian Muslims. First to separate from the “Pakistani” Islam were the Bengalis who fought a bitter war to get out of Mr Jinnah’s Pakistan, losing thousands of dead and a hundred thousand females in EAST Pakistan who were impregnated by the "gallant" Pakistani soldiers in 1971.

Those friends of Mr. Jinnah who wish to erect his statue in London ought to consult the Muslims of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu first. They are living in eternal SHAME in the SAME India in which Mr Jinnah was born!

I write this e-mail on behalf of the TWO MILLION innocent citizens of British India who lost their lives at the time of transfer of power in 1947, and even on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of MUSLIMS who lost their lives when East Pakistan became Bangladesh, and tens of thousands of the Baloch whose struggle for freedom has been brutally suppressed by Government of Pakistan.

I write on behalf of the assassinated prime ministers of Pakistan, starting with Liaqat Ali Khan to Zia Ul Haq, Zulfikar Ali, and Mrs Benazir Bhutto, who were victims of the violent society under an Islamic Constitution that was more suitable for 7th century AD rather than the post World War 2 world. In UNITED India they all would have lived on till their natural death.

It is this Islamic fundamentalism exported by Pakistan that produced the suicide bombers of London Bridge and the Manchester Arena, and the other ‘products’ of Mr Jinnah’s Pakistan who seduced and raped 1400 schoolgirls in this country.

The statue of Mr Jinnah, if erected in London, will give legitimacy to the evils of High Treason, Separatism and Intolerance (of the fundamentalist Islam). Multicultural and multi-faith Britain ought to stand for Secularism, Democracy, Tolerance, Peace and Dignity of women.

Finally, I repeat, “The statue ought to be of the future ‘Messiah’ who will UNITE the broken, bleeding fragmented sub continent.

20 June 2019