Date: 08/06/2020


1. Germany’s “STUNDE NULL”.
What is ”Stunde Null”?

It means “Zero Hour”. It describes Germany on the day of her unconditional surrender on May 9, 1947. Her bridges, railway stations, factories, churches, shopping centres, hospitals and homes all lay in ruins. Millions of her young men were taken prisoners of war, expecting court martial, even long prison sentences or slavery in Siberia.

Germany today is the most advanced and prosperous country and her products, “Made in Germany” enjoy reputation for quality and can be seen in nearly every house-hold on earth.

2. India’s “STUNDE NULL”.

India’s “ZERO HOUR” was on August 15, 1947 when a home grown Muslim politician succeeded in getting her (India’s) “pound of flesh and ton of blood” without even lifting a finger.

The scene was described by a Hindu refugee on the train, travelling from Lahore to Amritsar. He explained, “We trusted our top leader who advised us to stay put in our homes since he had declared, “India will be cut upon my dead body.” We were brainwashed to trust him and stayed put till the Muslim mobs appeared and started setting fire to our homes, families inside.

Someone said, “Gandhiji had a failing heart and needed heart transplant. Since no human heart was found, his goat was butchered to take out its heart to replace Gandhiji’s old heart. Gandhiji survived but did not live long after that.”

The train reached Amritsar and he got off quickly and disappeared among other refugees before I could ask him for the written proof of his statement.

Later I learnt that NOT one Indian patriot protested over Partition, or “gheraoed” Pandit Nehru’s house to lynch him, and not one Indian did “self-immolation” (“Harakiri”) or undertook a fast in protest over the historic loss of vast territory and life.

Many years later I looked back to that day. God revealed the Truth in a NIGHTMARE one night.

“On that day a unique phenomenon occurred- All the Indians went through their heart transplant. Muslim hearts were REPLACED by wolves’ hearts, and Hindu hearts were replaced by goats’ hearts.”

How else could Lahore go out of Map of India so swiftly, and unnoticed?”

May be, some historian or scholar can explain my nightmare! I have had it more than once.


This man was unknown till a couple of weeks ago. Yet the whole world knows his name today!

But what has his death got to do with Bharat? Nothing could be simpler to explain the connection.

An American policeman pressed his knee hard against his neck for nine and a half minutes till he died of suffocation. He had been crying, “I can’t breathe!” But that plea fell on deaf ears on the policeman who might have been in the Punjab police in his previous incarnation! They are equally brutal with the unarmed and even with those in custody. Ever heard of “fake encounters”? NO, I think not. Otherwise the chief minister of East Punjab would have ordered all the “fake encounters” investigated!

Question: What is the similarity between George Floyd and Bharat?
Answer: George Floyd was suffocated to DEATH after nine and a half MINUTES. Our Bharat Mata (Mother India) was suffocated to death (PARTITIONED) after nine and a half CENTURIES of Muslim and Christian rule combined. What was left in 1947 was a feeble body in death throes, lying prostrate on earth, willing to be bisected or trisected by JINN with Gandhi and Nehru watching passively, holding their breath.


I think most readers would have got it already!

(Quote) The First Opium War was fought from March 18, 1839, to August 29, 1842, and was also known as the First Anglo-Chinese War. 69 British troops and approximately 18,000 Chinese soldiers perished. As a result of the war, Britain won trade rights, access to five treaty ports, and Hong Kong. (Unquote).


Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was a sly (secret) Mohammedan, using his “TAQIYYA” (Fraud & Deception) to defeat and destroy the Hindus (Kafirs). He did a couple of things so obvious that none will ask me for “written proof”!

First he won the confidence of MK Gandhi, our top leader and convinced him that NETAJI was a violent man and so, should be ELIMINATED.

Second, like a good enemy spy, he rose within the Party to take over the post of President. That gave him the mandate to negotiate the terms of INDEPENDENCE with the British.

NB: That mandate was to discuss Independence, NOT PARTITION!

But he did NOT even discuss Independence but approved of PARTITION! That was like throwing dust in the eyes of the NATIVES (Hindus) and beheading them within a split second!

After the diabolic betrayal of the land of his birth, EXACTLY WHAT JINNAH DID, Nehru feared for his life. He feared his imminent assassination. He took countermeasures like asking Lord Mountbatten to STAY ON FOR A FEW WEEKS to act as his “safety umbrella”.

He put all media under State control. He appointed several counterparts of Dr GOEBELS, the propaganda minister of Germany, to sanitise his image among the natives.

Nehru’s stooges were given the task of projecting him as a great freedom fighter, as a most gifted prime minister who could transform poor India into a rich country and who would be trusted for his services to Bharat over generations!

He found the substitute of OPIUM. It was BOLLYWOOD, full of Khans with dog’s loyalty to Dynasty. Their duty was to entertain the nation of “coolies & slaves” with romantic love scenes with hidden message of denigrating everything connected with the Hindus, be it mandirs, priests or morality.

Bollywood made the nation forget PARTITION while glorifying Nehru Dynasty and the hated MOGULS.

Now imagine this: Hindu MONEY empowered the ANTI HINDU Bollywood “rascals” for decades. Nehru literally got away with murder!

China is pursuing the age old wisdom of “THE BEST FORM OF DEFENCE IS OFFENCE!”

Although every military officer in Bharat is taught this, they are frustrated to see their incompetent POLITICAL masters, angrily rebuking, “Don’t mention OFFENCE, you violent trouble makers! You are going against Hindu dharma that prohibits us from any such idea.”

Now if we study history of India objectively, we notice that the Hindu nation never practiced this rule but stayed within own borders praying to God, “sub ko sanmati de Bhagwan!”

THE RESULT: Constant invasions and ultimately millions left Hindu dharma to embrace FOREIGN religions that believe in “TABLEEGH” which translates into OFFENSIVE action against the infidels in their (infidels’) OWN homes.

The Constitution allows every foreigner (Muslim or Catholic) to proselytise with total detachment. “Go ahead, if you wish to reap the harvest”, says the Nehruvian Constitution, “my hands are tied!”

Finally, the surrender of one third of India till eternity, that is, PARTITION- that the shameless slaves call “Independence”! If we accept Lahore under foreign flag then there is no guarantee that Delhi will be defended tooth and nail!

Back to CHINA: She wants to ensure her defence by going on the OFFENSIVE, sometimes hot, as in 1962, sometimes cold as in TIBET that was meant to be a sovereign “buffer State” between India and China. Nehru looked the other way when China struck. Nehru has been forgiven SEVEN murders!

CHINA certainly follows the PRINCIPE in another area, too. Before a Muslim could explode a bomb in Shanghai or Nanking, she put ONE MILLION of them in “Re-Education Centres” to take “Jehad” & “Tableegh” out of their heads.

It’s not only China that acts on this PRINCIPLE. Recall Russia’s sudden occupation of two Japanese islands in August 1945 AFTER Japan’s defeat was certain.

Recall Turkey’s sudden invasion of CYPRUS in pursuit of the same PRINCIPLE.

And recall Russia’s occupation of CRIMEA!

Now think of Gandhian Bharat that has been sleeping passively like Kumbh Karan since times immemorial, only to RECEIVE hit after hit, penetration after penetration, invasion after invasion!

6. The Supreme Commander
The President of India is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of the country. It is in his name that war is declared or peace concluded, of course. As supreme commander he enjoys all the trapping of military pomp and ceremony.

More information:
His father ran a small shop. Kovind was born in a mud hut, which eventually collapsed. He was only five when his mother died of burns when their thatched dwelling caught fire. Kovind was born into the Kori caste, considered underprivileged even among the Dalits, once known as "untouchables".

That’s fine. Anything else?
Yes, he is ardent follower of Mahatma Gandhi and believes in non-violence. We are told he never held a knife in his hand to cut a carrot.

Can he ride a horse or fire a gun?
Of course not. Mahatma Gandhi was his role model. That should be adequate to become the Supreme Commander of Bharat. Shouldn’t it?

Does Bharat have any enemy on earth?
NO. Bharat is friendly towards all the countries on earth and all the countries love Bharat.

Does he know the difference between tactics and strategy?
Could you please repeat your question? WE REPEATED THE QUESTION.

“Don’t ask irrelevant questions,” we were warned.

Finally, what does the Supreme Commander think of Partition of India in 1947?

“What Partition? No one ever mentioned it at school or college, not even in Lok Sabha. He does not want to provoke anybody and nor is he God to know everything!”


7 June 2020