Date: 08/06/2020

I appreciate your writing.

I agree that the President and the Prime Minister should apologise for the malicious attack by MUSALMANI prime minister Maimuna Begum on Golden Temple.

But there is NO tradition of apologising among the cowards who are descendants of slaves since 1192 AD. Apologies are tendered by the brave and the honourable. The rulers of Bharat have yet to apologise even to the Hindus for the surrender of Karachi, Multan and EAST Bengal without consulting them and they have yet to apologise to the Sikhs for the surrender of LYALLPUR, LAHORE and SRI NANKANA SAHIB without referendum.

They are also expected to apologise to the SIKH WIDOWS AND ORPHANS of the Sikh genocide in DELHI in November 1984 and to the PANDITS of SRINAGAR who were betrayed by them so shamelessly. In India Sarkars are not run by stalwarts as in Europe or America but we are all the offspring of SLAVES. Hence to apologise means "lowering" oneself before the humble (inferior) subjects.

Destroying temples is the trait of MUSLIMS, not Hindus! Please note that NO Hindu or Sikh ruler ever attacked or destroyed a mosque. It is not part of our tradition BUT it is so in the MUSLIM tradition if you read the story of Mohammed's life. HE DESTROYED THE TEMPLE WHERE HIS PARENTS USED TO PRAY. That is what Babur did in Ayodhya and that's what MAIMUNA BEGUM (aka Indira Gandhi) did in Sri Amritsar while the Hindus and Sikhs both, being SECULAR, could not be bothered to find out her RELIGION.

In the same tradition of "SMASHED SECULAR SLAVES" they are also not bothered about the RELIGION of Madam Sonia Maino Gandhi! At one time her Hindu subjects wanted her to take over and rule Hindusthan!

During Maimuna Begum's rule the Hindus, too, suffered due to her "HINDU BASHING". The only privileged community was the MUSLIMS who got one third of India (Pakistan) and KASHMIR under Article 370, and Hajj subsidies and a special Minorities (read "Muslim") Commission. There was NO such Commission for the Hindus who had stuck to Akhand Bharat!

For the future, Hindus and Sikhs should embrace one another since traditionally they are like "flesh and nails" (till the anti national "devils and witches" practised their "DIVIDE & RULE") whereas the Muslims are a separate breed altogether who came from ARABIA and finally left with a KICK to both (Hindus and Sikhs) when they exterminated both both indigenous communities (Hindus and Sikhs alike) in their Pakistan.