Date: 30/05/2013

India never got freedom from British Christian Colonialists. British christian colonialists found that it is cheap to rule India, no resistance militarily from the masses, there was no guerrilla warfare against the queen. It was easy and comfortable to deal with mindless Gandhi and pro-Muslim, anti-Hindu and his anti-Hindu anti-National Congress party. Nehru, the pro-Muslim, anti-Hindu, atheist Nehru supported communism against the west. He never made any friendship with East Asian pro-Hindu countries. He traveled around the world with his devilish and foolish and paraded his Panchaseel with our communist enemy China and our eternal enemy Pakistan. Part of India is still with China and Pakistan. And poor Indians are killed everyday on the streets from our enemy agents (Muslims) and Maoists.

And the anti National, anti-Hindu Congress party allowed millions of Hindus to be converted. The following states want separatism from India and want to create their won state to practice alien dogmas of the desert. Kashmir, Nagaland , Maeghalaya, and kerala where Hindus are either kicked out or impossible to live. The ruling government is in the hands of hostile Muslims or converted Christians. The majority poor-tolerant and always ready to compromise Hindus are ready and willing to be second class citizens in their own country. . We have an uneducated Italian lady at the helm, deciding the destiny of billions of cultured Hindus around the world. 157 countries are in the world for Christians and 57 countries for Muslims. There are 15 countries for Buddhists and at least One country for Jewish people. More than 1 Billion Hindus in the world have no country of their own. Alien governments are busy recruiting our fellow citizens as Psychological warfare agents, saboteurs, and social problem creators. Kashmir, Missoram, Meghalaya and Nagaland is burning, Maoists (of course, financed, trained, and directed by foreign agents and their Governments) is killing our own citizens at free will.

CBI, and major government bureaucrats are in the hands of our enemy agents. They decide and create social-political pathology all over India.

To retake India, and enjoy full freedom, Hindus have to act. And immediately and elect Sr Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister of India. If not, Hindus are doomed and our scared country will be dismantled at the liking of our enemies. It is time for Hindus to think: Do we want to live and enjoy life as a free man or live in slavery for ever.
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