Date: 09/06/2020

Good question that has been keeping us all busy, especially since Partition (MURDER OF "AKHAND BHARAT") in 1947, "What could be the reason that religion of Islam has been spreading all over the world?"

The issue of rapid rise in MUSLIM numbers is the most serious challenge for PARTITIONED India when sheer NUMBERS decided the fate of West Punjab and East Bengal. Here are some thoughts on the subject:-

The PREDATORY nature of Muslims. They are conditioned to "conquer" non-Muslim females** through LOVE JEHAD. Numbers INCREASE by converting these brides to Islam and converting their children, too.

** During every war or battle, in East Bengal (August 1946), West Punjab (1947), Boko Haram school girls in Nigeria, sex & grooming in North England, YAZIDIS 2014 and so on!

It is FEAR- fear of being KILLED by fellow Muslims if one gives up Islam. Rigid and "suffocating" Islam does not concede

The psychological reason is quite strange. It is to "stick to absurdity for the sake of comradeship".

Could it be due to its prospects and promises to the MEN. PROSPECT OF ABDUCTNG & RAPING during riots, social mayhem and breakdown in law & order. PROMISE OF VIRGINS IN HEAVEN.

Sense of INSECURITY. Hence emphasis on increasing the BIRTH RATE to have more fighters.

EXAMPLE of the Prophet who married NINETEEN wives. Some Muslims can have up to FOUR wives and each wife can give birth to EIGHT or more children. One can see the EXPLOSION in Muslim numbers in a few years. If you compare the street photos in Lahore and Karachi in 1947 and 2020 you will notice that once EMPTY streets are now OVERCROWDED.

ILLITERACY & JEHALAT. We see that the EDUCATED have very small families while the poor and the unemployed have very large families. This is he relic of the PRIMITIVE past, ie., Era of Mohammed (7th Century), when MORE HANDS MEANT NOT ONLY MORE FIGHTERS BUT ALSO MORE INCOME to feed the large family.

Others may also wish to answer your 64 dollar question.

10 June 2020