Date: 09/06/2020

Gandhi is blamed or praised for this or that.

I would blame him for PARTITION that broke up India in the most disgusting, insulting and treacherous manner- FOR EVER.

India was an ancient civilization enjoying world-wide respect and renown but could be killed like a rat in the end- her people, so reduced & demoralised, that none lifted a finger to save her in original glory and decent BORDERS.

The finger of blame does not point to Jinnah. As a Muslim he did "what comes naturally to Mohammed"!

The finger of blame also does not fall on Nehru. As an unscrupulous ambitious young upstart he could be sidelined by the towering top leader of all-India stature, GANDHI, who had great hold over the masses. Not only we, whose fate hanged in balance, but the whole world looked up to him (Gandhi) to put his foot down, and avoid the disgusting break up of the sub continent. That is why (YES, THAT IS WHY) we do not see the statues of Jinnah and Nehru in London or Washington, but Gandhi's!

All he had to say, looking in the eyes of Viceroy Mountbatten, just as Nehru was looking in the eyes of Edwina, Mountbatten's wife, at that time, or declare "fast unto death!", our India would have been saved in perpetuity with frontier at Khyber Pass!

How is it then, that as a seasoned politician and a Barrister-at-Law to boot, Gandhi could not fore-see the consequences of India's BOGUS, ILLOGICAL, SECTARIAN (COMMUNAL) Partition and his own moral death, and "BLACKENED FACE", due to HIGH TREASON against India and the brazen BETRAYAL of her people?

He was not a teenager or a young man to err or blunder in politics but at SEVENTY-EIGHT (78) a mature and seasoned politician who stood on the rock of well respected doctrine of Secularism and could easily outsmart his opponent Jinnah who stood on the thin ice of Islamic fundamentalism and could be humiliated before the Viceroy.

How could Gandhi "dump" every advantage on his side, dump his patriotic instinct, and not stand up to the enemy? How could he not foresee the main consequences of Partition, being the permanent rift, suspicion and animosity between those who "conquered" Lahore and those who surrendered Lahore, between those who were exterminated in Lahore and those who FLED Lahore?

How is it that Gandhi, by now embellished by titles of "Bapu", "Rashtrapita", and "Mahatma", could not foresee the immense bloodshed of the innocent, and the anger in Bengal, Kashmir and Punjab over his silently accepting the new "bogus and provocative" borders, dividing Land and People in these grand Provinces, to destroy their economy and their populations who were treated worse than the cattle (Yes, worse than the CATTLE) if you recall the million strong panic stricken stampedes of those desperately trying to escape to safety, having lost everything?

What did "Independence" mean to Gandhi? We, the lucky survivors from West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal, know what it meant!

We DEMAND that every Gandhi statue ought to be removed or demolished in Partitioned India and his name removed from every PUBLIC building and event in BROKEN Bharat.

Why it has not been done so far, BEGGARS BELIEF!

10 Jun 2020