Date: 25/06/2020


REFUGEES flee areas of famine and wars. There is a difference: Famines end soon and people may return or even stay put. Their homes, offices, factories, farms and temples remain safe. But those who flee due to wars do not return as we shall see below. If they return they cannot recognize the landscape that they had left.

Before the birth of Mohammed countries used to raise the armies to fight for them. It the army was defeated the entire country surrendered without further resistance. That used to be the case when fighting was “clean”. No temples were destroyed, no large scale plunder took place, no girls and women abducted for rape and re-sale and no slaves, especially female, made to accompany the victors. Example: Invasion of Alexander of Macedonia in 325 BC.

With the advent of Islam, wars became very “dirty”, indeed. Even the defeat of the army did not mean respite for the civil population. Fighters of Mohammed, mad in rage & & blind in fanaticism, would then start KILLING the unarmed civilians, abducting and raping their girls and women, even force the captured slaves to walk hundreds of miles with the victorious army back to their lands for slavery or auction. Muslim fighters were not chivalrous or gallant but “dirty, mean, & rapacious”, as explained above. This is what the POST PARTITION surviving Hindus in Partitioned India, who go about following Gandhi and chanting “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!” need to know very clearly.

Look! what they did to the thousands of Hindu girls and women in their newly established Pakistan in 1947, what they did even to school girls in Nigeria and what they did to the entire YAZIDI community in Syria! Every sane person on earth is disgusted and shocked at the way the Muslim Jehadis can behave.
The result of such notoriety was that when the news came that an ISLAMIC army was advancing towards a country, the civil population quickly left their homes and fled to safe places. The total devastation in Iran, where Zoroastrians were wiped out, and Afghanistan, where the Buddhists were massacred, or converted, to the last man and woman, was well known to the Hindus in Bharat who dreaded the savage Muslim invaders.

In the case of India it was the indigenous people, mainly Buddhists and Hindus, living along the frontier, that is, in Gujarat, Sindh, Balochistan and the Punjab, who took to their heels and fled in all directions for safety as soon as they got the wind of another invasion from the North West.
This was particularly the case when Mahmud, ruler of Ghazni, noticed Hindusthan’s magnificent temples full of gold, silver and diamonds, but a weak and divided country under corrupt rulers, that made him invade India year in and year out.

His soldiers would lay the entire countryside waste, massacring, raping, burning, looting and plundering. It caused such terror among the natives that they found ESCAPE the only way to survive.
That was the case from the 8th century AD onwards and in particular in the 11th century when Mahmud of Ghazni struck repeatedly. A huge number of natives of Bharat then left their homes and fled in all directions, including Europe where they are still called “gypsies”.

They were dark skinned, neither Muslim nor Christian, hence the locals avoided them. Not having any jobs, they resorted to manual labour and petty crimes like theft & robbery. They got bad reputation that has lasted till date. NB: For the dishonourable cowardly rulers of Bharat GYPSIES DON’T EXIST! (Just as Partition was a non event!)

The second wave of Indians, now called NRI’s, again left, in their millions, as a result of ISLAMIC capture of Western and Eastern India (Partition) due to sudden collapse of top Indian leaders in 1947.

This time (POST PARTITION), the Indian refugees and migrants, who fled for foreign shores, were educated, knew the English language well, and had skills to be gainfully employed in the West. Today they are the backbone of banking and commerce in EU and the USA.

So now we see who started the phenomenon “Refugees and migrants” on earth and why.

Ironically, while the Hindu/Buddhist migrants (NRI’s), gypsies included, are well settled at home and abroad, it is the MUSLIMS now who are fleeing their lands in their MILLIONS. THE TABLES HAVE TURNED!

The wheel of destiny has made a full turn. Those “rascals” and “barbarians”, who destroyed the peaceful settlements of the NON Muslims in previous centuries, after killing or converting tens of millions of inhabitants from Morocco to Indonesia, are today THEMSELVES on the run, begging for asylum in the CHRISTIAN, HINDU and BUDDHIST countries. (NB: Their number in EU & USA runs into millions. Millions of Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims are also entering Hindusthan, "LAND OF KAFIRS", illegally!)

Indeed, “Allah hu Akbar!”! God is great, who has turned the tables on the Mohammedans.

25 June 2020